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Today, Tommorow & Forever


 Title:  Today, Tommorow & Forever 
 Catalog Number:  none listed  
 Year: 2009 
 Country: China 
 Description:  Issued in 2009 by BMG China

Could I Fall In Love - Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello - There's So Much World To See - Please Don't Drag That String Around - Gonna Get Back Home Somehow - Finders Keepers, Loosers Weepers - Never Ending - Devil ln Disguise - Blue River - C'mon Everybody - Baby lfYou Give Me All Your Love - Today, Tomorrow & Forever

All songs are remixed!
Promotional Sampler Not For Sale appears on front and rear artworks, and also priinted on the disc.

  Note: As to the most of China CDs, we cannot confirm the veracity of this release, Don't pay too much for it!
Distinctive features: On backside is printed "BMG China 2009". As we all know, in 2009 the rightholder is Sony Music Entertainment, not BMG!