Elvis' Favorite Foods

Much has been said and written about Elvis and food. Most of it has been greatly exaggerated or misrepresented. Here's some thoughtful and balanced reporting.

Elvis' environment while growing up did not expose him to gourmet cuisine. He ate simple, down-home, country cooking. As an adult he never acquired a taste for more elaborate fare. Some of his favorite foods were pork chops, meat loaf and steak. He liked his meats well done, saying he was "not ordering a pet." He liked fresh vegetables like crowder peas, creamed potatoes,
and sliced tomatoes. A favorite from his youth was a Southern delicacy he referred to as "soaks", which is cornbread in buttermilk. He also liked cheeseburgers and milkshakes. He did not care for seafood.

He had a fondness for banana pudding and another Southern delicacy - the peanut butter and banana sandwich. The recipe: It is quite simply a grilled sandwich similar to a grilled cheese in preparation. On lightly toasted bread spread peanut butter. Layer with lengthwise slices of banana. Then grill it in a skillet with butter or margarine until browned. These are best served when warm.