Moody Blue

This song was written and recorded by Mark James in 1974. Elvis recorded it in the den (a.k.a. the "jungle room") at his home, Graceland, in Memphis, Tennessee on February 4, 1976. Ernst Jorgensen in his book ELVIS PRESLEY - A LIFE IN MUSIC, tells of how Elvis had been disinterested in going to the studio in Nashville for sessions and RCA's offer to truck in recording equipment to him at home. Home sessions were scheduled. The aging and infrequently used, big red RCA equipment truck broke down 150 miles outside of Memphis and had to be towed to town and up through the gates of Graceland to "what was probably its most prestigious gig," as Jorgensen put it. Muscians for the February Graceland recordings were: James Burton, Bill Sanford, John Wilkinson and Charlie Hodge (all on guitar); Jerry Scheff and Norbert Putnam (both on bass); Glen D. Hardin and David Briggs (both on piano); Bobby Emmons (piano); and Ronnie Tutt (drums). Backing vocals were by: Kathy Westmoreland, Myrna Smith, and J.D. Sumner and The Stamps Quartet. Later overdubs included strings, horns, additional percussion and synthesizer. The "Moody Blue" single was released in December 1976 with "She Thinks I Still Care" on the other side. In the U.S. it peaked at #31 on the pop chart and, in its 17-week run on the country chart, it peaked at #1. In the U.K. it peaked at #6 in a 9-week run on the pop chart.