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Two years after the first Compact Disc (CD) was released, RCA issued an Elvis Presley CD. In 1984, when the CD-box entitled "The Legend" became available in German stores, the triumphal procession of "Elvis on CD" became unstoppable.

Worldwide, no other artist has matched the number of Elvis-CDs released, counting both official releases and un-authorised ones.

Many of these CDs are still available today. Older releases are being revised and updated to today's state of the art sound technology, so "Elvis on CD" may be re-discovered by fans.

The official publisher*(RCA / BMG / Sony) have released more than 800 different Elvis audio CDs. In addition, there are special releases of CD-series such as the rare "German Bertelsmann Club Edition" and authorised publications by other companies (e.g. "Time Life" or "Reader's Digest").

Nowadays, some of these CDs have gained collector's item status and become very valuable. Sought-after collectibles include the original first releases of CDs such as "Elvis", "Elvis Presley" or "Elvis' Golden Records". More recent releases have also become rarities, because they were issued in limited number or in only a few countries, making them difficult to find.

Fans also value bootleg-CDs** (also called "import-CDs"), because these releases give the Elvis-fan access to hitherto unknown live- or studio material.

In 1988, the first bootleg CD appeared on the market. Fans discovered previously unpublished material on the bootlegs "Hot and Tight" and "The Hollywood Sessions". Since then, more than 1500 bootleg-releases have been published. Every year more CDs are launched into the market. Due to today's technology, previously unknown concert recordings are available in improved quality.

On our websites, we offer CD-releases by RCA / BMG / Sony, also by the official collector's label "Follow That Dream" (FTD), plus promo CDs (CDs released for promotional purposes) and, of course, bootleg CDs as well.

Much more is waiting for you on our web pages.

Have fun with "Elvis on CD".

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*) Holder for perfomance rights:
The very first compact disc with Elvis was released in April 1984 under the RCA label. RCA was then bought in 1986 by the Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG). In 2003 BMG made a joint venture with Sony. From 2004 until 2008 Elvis CDs were released under the label Sony-BMG. In August 2008 BMG sold their music catalog to Sony. From that date we have the new Elvis label 'Sony Music Entertainment'.

**) Bootlegs are illegal.
The CDs presented on our website do serve informational purpose only. Always make sure that you obtain the releases via legal channels, ensuring that future material in improved quality is fully funded.




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15 Queens For A King - ND 90047 - Germany 1987 - Elvis Presley CD

Kid Galahad and Girls! Girls! Girls! - BMG 07863-66130-2 - USA 1993

How Great Thou Art - Germany 1991 - BMG ND 83758

Elvis In Hollywood - German Club Edition - BMG 18573-6 - Germany 1989 - Elvis Presley CD

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The Bicentennial Show - Elvis Presley CD FTD Label

Marching In One Line - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

That's Someone You Never Forget - The Bootleg Series SE - Elvis One-  Elvis Presley Fanclub CD

The Elvis Presley Collection - From The Heart - Time Life CD