Change of Habit


Change of Habit

Running time: 93 minutes
Release date: 1/21/70

"Change of Habit," Rubberneckin'," "Let Us Pray," "Have A Happy."

Produced by Joe Connelly
Directed by William Graham
Associate Producer: Irving Paley
Screenplay by James Lee, S. S. Schweitzer and Eric Bercovici
Based on a Story by John Joseph and Richard Morris
Photographed by Russell Metty, A.S.C.
Edited by Douglas Stewart
Music by William Goldenberg
Technical Advisor: Colonel Tom Parker
Color by Technicolor


Dr. John Carpenter Elvis Presley
Sister Michelle Mary Tyler Moore
Sister Irene Barbara McNair
Sister Barbara Jane Elliot
Mother Joseph Leorna Dana
Lt. Moretti Edward Asner
The Banker Robert Emhart
Father Gibbons Regis Toomey
Rose Doro Merande
Lily Ruth McDevitt
Bishop Finley Richard Carlson
Julio Hernandez Nefti Millet
Desiree Laura Figuerosa
Amanda Lorena Rich


Dr. John Carpenter is a hip, devoted doctor heading a clinic in a Latin-Negro slum neighborhood. Three nuns, Sister Michelle, Sister Irene and Sister Barbara, are instructed to do social work in the ghetto, and change their habit (nun's garb) in favor of modern dress. They do good work but their mission is misunderstood by more conservative elements in the Church and they must take up the habit again. Then Dr. John Carpenter discovers the nurse he loves is a nun.
After more good works, the girls are further misunderstood and sent back to the convent where Sister Michelle pines for Dr. John Carpenter. She returns to the old neighborhood to watch Dr. John Carpenter leading a rock 'n' roll mass. She must make a choice, Dr. John Carpenter or the Church. Which one she picks is left for the audience to decide.