National General Pictures

Running time: 98 minutes
Release date: 9/3/69


Produced and Directed by Charles Marquis Warren
Executive Producer: Harry A. Caplan
Screenplay by Charles Marquis Warren
Story by Frederic Louis Fox
Photographed by Ellsworth Fredericks, A.S.C.
Edited by Al Clark, A.C.E.
Art Direction by James Sullivan
Music Composed and Conducted Hugo Montenegro
Music Editor: John Mick
Assistant Director: Dink Templeton
Makeup by William Reynolds and Gene Bartlett
Song, "Charro" Words and Music by Billy Strange and Scott Davis
Technical Advisor: Colonel Tom Parker
Photographed in Panavision and Technicolor


Jesse Wade Elvis Presley
Tracey Ina Balin
Vince Victor French
Sara Barbara Werle
Billy Roy Solomon Sturges
Marcie  Lynn Kellogg
Gunner James Sikking
Opie Keetch Paul Brinegar
Heff Harry Landers
Lt. Rivera Tony Young
Sheriff Ramsey James Almanzar
Mody Charles H. Gray
Jerome Selby John Pickard
Martin Tilford Garry Walberg
Gabe Duane Grey
Lige Rodd Redwing
Henry Carter J. Edward McKinley


Jesse Wade rides into a small Mexican town and is met by four gunmen, all members of the gang he once belonged to. Vince, the leader, is sore at Jesse for leaving the gang and setting a bad example for the others. Vince decides to frame Jesse for the theft of a valuable gold and bronze victory cannon belonging to the Mexican government and worth $100,000.
The gang takes Jesse's horse and gun, leaving him for the Mexican Army to find and jail, while they take the cannon to the nearest safe town. Jesse captures a wild horse and rides after them.
When the sheriff, who is Jesse's friend, is shot by Vince's kid brother, Billy Roy, Jesse becomes sheriff and locks the kid in jail. Vince hears of this and hurries to town demanding the release of his kid brother or he'll start shooting up the town with his cannon.
The town is frightened and wants Jesse to release the killer, but Jesse refuses. When the cannon starts demolishing the town, building by building, Jesse takes the boy to the gang. There is a shoot-out and the cannon accidentally rolls over the boy, and Vince and his gang surrender to Jesse .
Jesse gathers up the cannon and the gang and heads for Mexico to clear his name and start living a new life with Tracey.