Easy Come, Easy Go


Easy Come, Easy Go


Running time: 95 minutes
Release date: 6/14/67


"Easy Come, Easy Go," "The Love Machine," "Yoga Is As Yoga Does," "You Gotta Stop," "play Real Audio Original Movie Sound Sing You Children," "I'll Take Love," "Leave My Woman Alone,"

Produced by Hal Wallis
Associate Producer: Paul Nathan
Directed by John Rich
Screenplay by Allan Weiss and Anthony Lawrence
Photographed by William Margulies, A.S.C.
Edited by Archie Marshek, A.C.E.
Background Score by Joseph J. Lilley
Vocal Accompaniment by The Jordanaires
Choreography by David Winters
Costumes by Edith Head
Art Direction by Hal Pereira and Walter Tyler
Sound by John Carter and Charles Grenzback
Technical Advisor: Colonel Tom Parker
Color by Technicolor


Ted Jackson Elvis Presley
Jo Symington Dodie Marshall
Dina Bishop Pat Priest
Judd Whitman Pat Harrington
Gil Carey Skip Ward
Schwartz Sandy Kenyon
Captain Jack Frank McHugh
Cooper Ed Grifhth
Ship's Officers Reed Morgan, Mickey Elley
Vicki Elaine Beckett
Mary Shari Nims
Zoltan Diki Lawrence
Artist Robert Lawrence
Madame Neherina Elsa Lanchester


Navy frogman Ted Jackson discovers a treasure chest in the hull of an old ship. He calls on Captain Jack, an expert on nautical lore, to find some information on the cargo of the sunken ship. Frank tells Ted that Jo Symington, the only descendant of the ship's skipper, would know that.
Jo, a yoga student and go-go dancer at the local discotheque, confirms the fact that the cargo was coffee and a valuable chest of Spanish pieces-of-eight. She agrees to help Ted if the money is given to the town's art center.
Discharged from the Navy, Ted tries to reclaim the chest. He goes into partnership with Judd Whitman, and sings at his club as part of the deal. Meanwhile playgirl Dina Bishop and her boyfriend Gil Carey have their eyes on the treasure and kidnap Ted's equipment and Captain Jack. Ted pursues the pirates, has a fight or two and recovers the treasure chest. When the chest is opened, the coins are copper rather than gold, and worth less than $4,000. The money goes as a down payment for an art center, and Ted wins the girl.