Flaming Star

Flaming Star
20th Century-Fox

Running time: 101 minutes
Release date: 12/20/60

"Flaming Star," "A Cane And A High Starched Collar."

Produced by David Weisbart.
Directed by Don Siegel.
Screenplay by Clair Huffaker and Nunnally Johnson.
Photographed by Charles G. Clarke, A.S.C.
Edited by Hugh S. Fowler.
Art Direction by Duncan Cramer and Walter M. Simonds.
Music by Cyril Mockridge.
Musical Director: Lionel Newman.
Photographed in CinemaScope and DeLuxe Color.

Pacer Burton Elvis Presley
Clint Burton Steve Forrest
Roslyn Pierce Barbara Eden
Neddy Burton Dolores Del Rio
Pa Burton John McIntyre
Buffalo Horn Rudolfo Acosta
Doc Phillips Ford Rainey
Dred Phillips Karl Swenson
Angus Pierce Richard Jaeckel
Dorothy Howard Anne Benton
Tom Howard L. Q. Jones
Will Howard Douglas Dick
Jute Tom Reese


When a neighboring family is massacred by Kiowa Indians, the people of the town turn against Pacer and his family, demanding that they make it clear whose side they are on, the townspeople's or the Indians'. Pacer is half-Indian and his mother Neddy Burton is full Indian. His father says that they simply want to live in peace. The townspeople and the Indians will not accept their decision.
When a survivor of the initial massacre shoots his mother, Pacer joins the Indians. When a war party kills Pa Burton, Clint then decides to fight the Indians singlehanded. At night he attacks, killing the chief and several others, but receives almost fatal wounds himself. Pacer deserts the Indians to save his brother, ties him to his horse, sends him to town, and then turns to battle the pursuing Kiowas.
When Clint wakes up in town, the girl who has sympathized with him, Roslyn Pierce, tries to keep him in bed, but he struggles to get up and goes to help Pacer. As he walks into the street, Pacer, near death, arrives on horseback to tell him that he is going to the mountains to die an Indian because he has seen the flaming star of death. Clint watches helplessly as Pacer rides off.

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