Girl Happy

Girl Happy


Running time: 96 minutes
Release date: 1/22/65

"Girl Happy," "Spring Fever," "Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce," "Startin' Tonight," "Wolf Call," "Do Not Disturb," "Cross My Heart and Hope to Die," "She's the Meanest Girl in Town," "Do the Clam," "Puppet on a String," "I've Got to Find My Baby."

Produced by Joe Pasternak
Directed by Boris Sagal
Written by Harvey Bullock and R. S. Allen
Photographed by Philip H. Lathrop, A.S.C.
Edited by Rita Roland
Music by George Stoll
Art Direction by George D. Davis and Addison Hehr
Makeup by William Tuttle
Assistant Director: Jack Aldworth
Technical Advisor: Colonel Tom Parker
A Joe Pasternak Production
A Euterpe Picture
Photographed in Panavision and Metrocolor

Rusty Wells Elvis Presley
Valerie Shelley Fabares
Big Frank Harold J. Stone
Andy Gary Crosby
Wilbur Jody Baker
Sunny Daze Nita Talbot
Deena Mary Ann Mobley
Romano Fabrizio Mioni
Doc Jimmy Hawkins
Sgt. Benson Jackie Coogan
Brentwood Von Durgenfeld Peter Brooks
Mr. Penchill John Fiedler
Betsy Chris Noel Laurie
Laurie Lyn Edington
Nancy Gale Gilmore
Bobbie Pamela Curran
Linda Rusty Allen


Rusty Wells is hired by Chicago nightclub owner Big Frank to keep an eye on his daughter Valerie, while she is on vacation in Fort Lauderdale. The job involves Rusty in one complication after another.
There is a riot in a nightclub; Rusty interrupts a shipboard rendezvous between Valerie and her amorous admirer Romani by removing the cruiser from the water, trundling it through the streets of the resort town, and depositing Valerie in her room. After Valerie gets arrested for disorderly conduct at a nightclub, Rusty digs a tunnel under the jail to get her out. Finally Rusty succumbs to Valerie's charms and all ends well.