Girls! Girls! Girls!



Girls! Girls! Girls!

Running time: 106 minutes
Release date: 11/2/62


"Girls! Girls! Girls!" "I Don't Wanna Be Tied," "Where Do You Come From," "I Don't Want To," "We'll Be Together," "A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You," "Earth Boy," "Return to Sender," "Thanks to the Rolling Sea," "Song of the Shrimp," "The Walls Have Ears," "We're Coming in Loaded."

Produced by Hal Wallis
Associate Producer: Paul Nathan
Directed by Norman Taurog
Screenplay by Edward Anhalt and Allan Weiss
Story by Allan Weiss
Photographed by Loyal Griggs
Art Direction by Hal Pereira and Walter Tyler
Music by Joe Lilley
Musical Numbers Staged by Charles Curran.
Assistant Director: Mickey Moore
Technical Advisor: Colonel Tom Parker
Photographed in Panavision and Technicolor


Ross Carpenter

Elvis Presley
Robin Ganter Stella Stevens
Laurel Dodge Laurel Goodwin
Wesley Johnson Jeremy Slate
Chen Yung Guy Lee
Kin Yung Benson Fong
Madame Yung Beulah Quo
Sam Robert Strauss
Alexander Starvos Frank Puglia
Madame Starvos Lili Valenty
Leona and Linda Starvos Barbara and Betty Beall
Mai and Tai Ling Ginny and Elizabeth Tin


Selection of theme CDs

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click for details   Kid Galahad and Girls! Girls! Girls! - BMG 07863-66130-2 - USA 1993   The Elvis Acetates Vol 2 - Girls! Girls! Girls!- Elvis Presley Bootleg CD  



Ross Carpenter is a carefree but poor charter boat pilot who loses his boat when its owner sells it for medical expenses. Ross decides to buy his late father's sailboat, "The West Wind," from Wesley Johnson. Being short of cash, Ross starts singing at the local nightclub owned by Sam. In the daytime Ross works for Wesley Johnson's tuna fleet.
At the nightclub Ross meets wealthy Laurel Dodge, who came to the seashore to forget a broken romance and falls for Ross . She poses as a working girl and secretly buys the sailboat for Ross . When Ross finds out about the purchase his pride is hurt and he goes off to sulk. Laurel follows in a boat piloted by Johnsaon, who tries some hanky-panky with her. Ross hears of this and rushes to the rescue, knocking dawn the sea wolf with a few punches. Ross forces Laurel to sell the sailboat and decides to build a new boat, after marrying Laurel.