Harum Scarum

Harum Scarum


Running time: 95 minutes
Release date: 12/15/65

"play Real Audio Original Movie Sound Harem Holiday," "My Desert Serenade," "Go East-Young Man," "Mirage," "Kismet," "Shake the Tambourine," "Hey Little Girl," "Golden Coins," "So Close, Yet So Far (from Paradise)."

Produced by Sam Katzman
Directed by Gene Nelson
Written by Gerald Drayson Adams
Photographed by Fred H. Jackman
Edited by Ben Levin
Music Supervised and Conducted by Fred Karger
Choreography by Earl Barton
Art Direction by George W. Davis and H. McClure Capps
Makeup by William Tuttle
Technical Advisor: Colonel Tom Parker
A Four Leaf Production
Color by Metrocolor

Johnny Tyronne Elvis Presley
Princess Shalimar Mary Ann Mobley
Aishah Fran Jeffries
Prince Drana Michael Ansara
Zacha Jay Novello
King Toranshad Philip Reed
Sinan Theo Marcuse
Baba Billy Barty
 Mohar Dirk Harvey
Juina Jack Castanzo
Captain Heret Larry Chance
Leilah Barbara Werle
Emerald Brenda Benet
Sapphire Gail Gilmore
Amethyst Wilda Taylor
Sari Vicki Malkin


Johnny Tyronne is a motion picture and recording star, who is kidnapped by a band of assassins while on a personal appearance tour of the Middle East. Suddenly he finds himself involved in a plot to murder the king, becomes the rescuing hero of maidens in distress, flings himself into adventure with a gang of pickpockets,and rogues. Johnny also finds time to ward off the advances of tlie predatory Aishah and falls in love with the Princess Shalimar.
It all turns out merrily and melodically well, with Johnny saving the king from assassination, winning the beautiful princess and, at the finish, returns to the U.S.A, with an Oriental dancing troupe which becomes a part of his Las Vegas act.