Love Me Tender


Love Me Tender

Running time: 89 minutes
Release date: 11/16/56

"Love Me Tender," "Let Me Be," "Poor Boy," "We're Gonna Move."

Produced by David Weisbart.
Directed by Robert D. Webb.
Screenplay by Robert Buckner,
Based on a Story by Maurice Geraghty.
Photographed by Leo Tover, A.S.C.
Music by Lionel Newman.
Art Direction by Lyle R. Wheeler and Maurice Ransford.
Special Photographic Effects by Ray Kellogg.
Technical Advisor: Colonel Tom Parker.
Photographed in CinemaScope.

Vance Richard Egan
Cathy Debra Paget
Clint Elvis Presley
Siringo Robert Middleton
Brett Reno William Campbell
Mike Gavin Neville Brand
The Mother Mildred Dunnock
Major Kincaid Bruce Bennett
Ray Reno James Drury
Ed Galt Russ Conway
Kelso Ken Clark
Davis Barry Coe


Clint is the youngest of four brothers and the only one not in the Confederate Army. The three brothers, Vance, Brett and Ray, rob a Federal payroll at the closing days of the Civil War, and then head home.
The family reunion is marred, however, when Vance learns his sweetheart Cathy married Clint when everyone thought he was killed in the war. Deciding to leave home again, Vance plans to say farewell to Cathy at a family picnic while Clint entertains with a few songs.
U.S. Army Major Kincaid arrives to arrest Vance and his brothers, who are taken to trial. Clint plots with other members of Vance's gang to free them. But Vance decides to return the money and hope for a light sentence. The gang makes a raid, however, and frees the brothers.
At the farmhouse, Vance refuses to be a fugitive and still plans to return the money. When the farm is surrounded by a posse, Cathy stuffs the money in her dress and escapes with Vance.
Mike Gavin tells Clint that Cathy has run off with his brother and the money. Clint pursues them and wounds Vance. But when Gavin plans to finish Vance off, Clint defends him and is mortally wounded himself. As Clint dies, he whispers that everything is all right now for everyone. Vance can return the money and have the girl.


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