Loving You



Loving You

Running time: 101 minutes
Release date: 7/9/57

"Loving You," "Got A Lot Of Livin' To Do," "Let's Have A Party," "(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear," "Hot Dog," "Lonesome Cowboy," and "Mean Woman Blues"

Produced by Hal B. Wallis
Directed by Hal Kanter
Screenplay by Herbert Baker and Hal Kanter
From a Story by Mary Agnes Thompson
Photographed by Charles Lang, Jr., A.S.C.
Edited by Howard Smith, A.C.E.
Special Photographic Effects by John P. Fulton, A.S.C.
Process Photography by Farciot Edouart, A.S.C.
Art Direction by Hal Pereira and Albert Nozaki
Costumes by Edith Head
Makeup by Wally Westmore
Music Arranged and Conducted by Walter Scharf
Vocal Accompaniment by The Jordanaires
Assistant Director: James Rosenberger
Technical Advisor: Colonel Tom Parker
Photographed in VistaVision and Technicolor

Deke Rivers Elvis Presley
Glenda Lizabeth Scott
Tex Warner Wendell Corey
Susan Jessup Dolores Hart
Carl James Gleason
Tallman Ralph Dumke
Skeeter Paul Smith
Wayne Ken Becker
Daisy Jana Lund


Deke Rivers is a young truckdriver who wows the crowd at a political rally where he has come to deliver beer, but remains to sing a hot number with the band at the urging of press agent Glenda and Tex Warner, leader of the band. They persuade Deke to join the band and they make the rounds of small-town appearances, with Deke's popularity increasing with every stopover.
Glenda gets Deke to sign a personal contract for her to represent him, without Tex Warner's knowing about it. Though Deke is deeply interested in Susan Jessup, the band's girl singer, he becomes greatly attracted to Glenda whose publicity gimmicks soon make him a celebrity. His build-up leads to a booking at a big theatre.

Carl, a booking agent, plans a one-man concert for Deke in a Dallas suburb, and for a publicity stunt, Glenda buys Deke a red and white convertible, pretending that it's an anonymous gift from an oil-rich widow. To pay for the car the band has to cut expenses and Susan is fired. To console her, Deke drives Susan to her farm home, where he enjoys the simple farm life with her family.
Glenda comes to Deke and brings him back to town. When Deke learns that Glenda is Warner's ex-wife, he leaves and has a crackup in his old car. Glenda finds him unharmed and brings him back for the concert.
With Susan besides him, Deke accepts a big TV contract and asks Tex and Glenda, who plan to remarry, to represent him.

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