Running time: 90 minutes
Release date: 6/13/68

"Speedway," "Let Yourself Go," "Your Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby," "He's Your Uncle, Not Your Dad," "Your Groovy Self," "There Ain't Nothing Like a Song," "Five Sleepy Heads," "Suppose."

Produced bv Douglas Laurence
Directed by Norman Taurog
Written by Phillip Shuken
Photographed bv Joseph Ruttenberg, A.S.C.
Edited by Russell Farrell
Music Score by Jeff Alexander
Art Direction by George W. Davis and Leroy Coleman
Makeup by William Tuttle
Special Visual Effects by Carroll L. Shepphird
Vocal Background by The Jordanaires
Assistant Director: Dale Hutchinson
Technical Advisor: Colonel Tom Parker.
Photographed in Panavision and Metrocolor


Steve Grayson Elvis Presley
Susan Jacks Nancy Sinatra
Kenny Donford Bill Bixby
R. W. Hepworth Gale Gordon
Abel Esterlake William Schallert
Ellie Esterlake Victoria Meyerink
Paul Dado Ross Hagen
Birdie Kebner Carl Ballantine
Juan Medala Ponice Ponce
The Cook Harry Hickox
Billie Jo  Christopher West
Mary Ann Miss Beverly Hills
Ted Simmons Harper Carter
Lloyd Meadows Bob Harris
Carrie Courtney Brown
Billie Dana Brown
Annie Patti Jean
Keith Mike Carl Reindel
Dumb Blonde Gari Hardy
Lori Charlotte Considine
Race Announcer Sandy Reed


Steve Grayson is a stock car racing champion whose prowess on the track is matched by his generosity in sharing his winnings with people in need. Partly as the result of his philanthropies but more largely due to the fact that his manager, Kenny Donford, has been losing Steve's winnings by betting on slow horses, Steve finds himself-spectacularly in arrears on his income tax payments. The Internal Revenue Service sends Susan Jacks to check up on Steve and straighten everything out.
After a few misunderstandings, all the plot twists are unraveled; Steve begins paying back his income tax and wins Susan.