Stay Away Joe

Stay Away Joe


Running time: 98 minutes
Release date: 3/14/68


"Stay Away, Joe," "Dominique," "Lovely Mamie," "All I Need Was The Rain."


Produced by Douglas Laurence
Directed by Peter Tewksbury
Screenplay by Michael A. Hoey
Based on the Novel by Dan Cushman
Photographed by Fred Koenekamp, A.S.C.
Edited by George W. Brooks
Music Score by Jack Marshall
Art Direction by George W. Davis and Carl Anderson
Vocal backgrounds by The Jordanaires
Makeup by William Tuttle
Assistant Director: Dale Hutchinson
Technical Advisor: Colonel Tom Parker
Photographed in Panavision and Metrocolor


Joe Lightcloud Elvis Presley
Charlie Lightcloud Burgess Meredith
Glenda Callahan Joan Blondell
Annie Lightcloud Katy Jurado
Grandpa Thomas Gomez
Hy Slager Henry Jones
Bronc Hoverty L. Q. Jones
Mamie Callahan Quentin Dean
Mrs. Hawkins Anne Seymour
Congressman Morissey Douglas Henderson
Lorne Hawkins Angus Duncan
Frank Hawk Michael Lane
Mary Lightcloud Susan Trustman
Hike Bowers Warren Vanders
Bull Shortgun Buck Kartalian
Connie Shortgun Mourishka Marlene
StandingRattle CaitlinWyles
Billie-Joe Hump Marya Christen
Jackson He-Crow Del "Sonny" West
Little Deer Jennifer Peak
Deputy Sheriff Matson Brett Parker
Orville Witt Michael Keller


Joe Lightcloud, a Navajo Indian, returns from the rodeo circuit to his Arizona reservation with twenty heifers and a bull he promoted from his Congressman. The idea was that if Joe and his Indian father, Charlie Lightcloud, were successful in raising cattle, the U.S. government would help the whole reservation. Joe barbecues the bull and sells the cows to buy some plumbing and other home improvements his stepmother, Annie Lightcloud, wants.
Glenda Callahan is a gun-totin' tavern owner who chases Joe all over the county in the effort to keep him from her not-too-bright daughter, Mamie Callahan. When not chasing that girl, Joe chases the girlfriends of his fellow braves. Finally, after a series of comic vicissitudes, when it appears that the family will go to jail for selling government property (the cattle), Joe saves the day.