Tickle Me

Tickle Me
Allied Artists


Running time: 96 minutes
Release date: 6/15/65

"Night Rider," "I'm Yours," "I Feel I've Known You Forever," "Dirty Dirty Feeling," "Put the Blame On Me," "Easy Question," "play Real Audio Original Movie Sound (It's a) Long Lonely Highway," "It Feels So Right,"
"Slowly But Surely."

Produced by Ben Schwalb
Directed by Norman Taurog
Story and Screenplay by Elwood Ullman and Edward Bernds
Photographed by Loyal Griggs
Edited by Archie Marshek
Music Director: Walter Scharf
Art Direction by Arthur Lonergan
Choreography by David Winters
Makeup by Frank Westmore and Bill Reynolds
Assistant Director: Artie Jacobson
Technical Advisor: Colonel Tom Parker
Photographed in Panavision and DeLuxe Color


Lonnie Beale Elvis Presley
Pam Merritt Jocelyn Lane
Vera Radford Julie Adams
Stanley Potter Jack Mullaney
Estelle Penfield Merry Anders
Hilda Connie Gilchrist
Brad Bentley Edward Faulkner
Deputy Sturdivant Bill Williams
Henry Louis Elias
Adolph John Dennis
Janet Laurie Burton
Clair Kinnamon Linda Rogers
Sibyl Ann Morell
Ronnie Lilyan Chauvin
Evelyn Jean Ingram
Mildred Francine York
Pat Eve Bruce


Lonnie Beale is a singing rodeo rider who drifts into an expensive dude ranch and beauty spa patronized by wealthy glamour girls. The owner, Vera Radford, hires Lonnie as a handyman. Pam Merritt has a letter from her late grandfather directing her to a cache of gold in the ghost town of Silverado. The sheriff, Deputy Sturdivant, and his gang learn of the letter and plot to take it away from Pam. Lonnie comes to her rescue, battling the gang in a free-for-all in the ghost town. After subduing the crooks, Lonnie and Pam find the gold and decide to get married.