Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas

Running time: 86 minutes
Release date: 4/20/64

"Viva Las Vegas," "What'd I Say," "Do The Vega," "Yellow Rose Of Texas/The Eyes Of Texas," " If You Think I Don't Need You," "The Lady Loves Me," "I Need Somebody to Lean On," "C'mon Everybody," "Today, Tomorrow and Forever," "Santa Lucia."

Produced by Jack Cummings andl George Sidney.
Directed by George Sidney.
Screenplay by Sally Benton.
Photographed by Joseph Biroc, A.S.C.
Edited by John McSweeney, Jr.
Music by George Stoll.
Costumes by Don Feld.
Choreography by David Winters.
Makeup by William Tuttle.
Assistant Director: Milton Feldman.
Technical Advisor: Colonel Tom Parker.
A Jack Cummings-George Sidney Production.
Photographed in Panavision and Metrocolor.

Lucky Jordan Elvis Presley
Rusty Martin Ann-Margret
Count Elmo Mancini Cesare Danova
Mr. Martin William Demarest
Shorty Farnsworth Nicky Blair


Lucky Jordan arrives in Las Vegas for the big Grand Prix race, but has engine trouble. He also falls in love at first sight, with a girl, Rusty Martin. Not knowing her name or address and assuming she is one of the showgirls in Las Vegas, Lucky and his racing rival, Count Elmo Mancini, search various nightclubs for the girl. Unable to find her, they return to the hotel and Lucky spots the girl again. She is the swimming instructor at the hotel pool. He starts singing and romancing her, while repairing his engine and finally winning the Big Race.