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70th Anniversary Promotional Campain


 Title:  70th Anniversary Promotional Campain 
 Catalog Number:   
 Matrix Number:   
 Year: 2005 
 Description:  Contents:
From "Love , Elvis" :
Trying To Get To You / For The Good Times / Can't Help Falling In Love

From "Loving You" :
Trying To Get To You / Blueberry Hill / I Need You So

From "Elvis Presley" :
Trying To Get To You / Money Honey / I'm Counting On You

From "Elvis" :
Trying To Get To You / Rip It Up / When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again

Issued in 2005 by BMG Asia to promote the 2005 DSD remastered cd's aswell the "Love , Elvis" commmercial cd release !

It apparently came out in early 2005 and was made by BMG (as it says on the back) "For Promotion in Hong Kong and Asia" !

 Additional Info:  This suposed to be the original frontcover of the 70th Anniversary Promotional Campain cd ! BMG Asia destroyed everything except a small quantities.


  Note: As to the most of China CDs, we cannot confirm the veracity of this release, Don't pay too much for it!