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All pressings of 'Elvis vs JXL - A Little Less Conversation' were released in 2002.
During the summer of that memorable year Presley scored many Number 1 Hits all over the world!

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Ordinary Releases

2002BMG 74321 94357 2 Australia Slim-line
2002BMG 74321 94357 2Brazil Slim-line
2002BMG 07863 60555 2Canada Jewel Case
2002BMG 07863 60555 2Chile Jewel case
2002 BMG 74321 94357 2 France Slim-line
2002 BMG 74321 94357 2 Germany Digipak
2002BMG 74321 94370 2 Germany 2 tracksCardboard
2002Crescendo / BMG  74321 94322 2 India Jewel Case
2002BMG 74321 94357 2 Italy Slim-line
2002BMG 07863 60555 2 Malaysia (1) Jewel Case
2002BMG 07863 60555 2 Malaysia (2) Jewel Case
2002BMG 07863 60555 2 Mexico Jewel Case
2002BMG 07863 60555 2Philippines Jewel Case
2002BMG CDRCAS (CSI) 180South Africa Slim-line
2002 BMG 07863 60555 2 Thailand Jewel Case
2002 BMG 74321 94357 2 UK Slim-line
2002 BMG 07863 60555 2 USA Jewel Case
2003BMG 74321 94692 2 Germany Digipak
2003 Lideres / BMG 07863 60555 2 Venezuela 3" CDCardboard

Promotional CDs

2002BMG 74321 94357-2Argentina (1) Jewel Case
2002BMG 74321 94357-2Argentina (2) Jewel Case
2002BMG VP 0682Brazil Slim-line
2002BMG AVCDIndonesiaCardboard
2002BMG 74321 943222Japan (1)Slim-line
2002BMG BVCP-29038 (07863-60555-2) Japan (2) Jewel Case
2002BMGRD-1535 • 74321-94357-1 Korea (1) Slim-line
2002BMGRD-1535 • 74321-94357-1  Korea (2) Slim-line
2002BMG CDX • 2548Mexico Cardboard
2002BMG BMGINT0010Poland Cardboard
2002BMG 74321 946422 / M-21626-02Spain Pl. Sleeve
2002BMG BMGCD229Thailand Jewel Case
2002BMG England UK CD-R / W. PIC. OF DAVIDSPl. Sleeve                
2002BMG 74321 943222 UKSlim-line
2002BMG 74321 943222 UK WITH PRODUKT INFOSlim-line                 
2002BMG 74321 943222SwedenWITH SWEDISH STICKERSlim-line
2002BMG07863 60555-2USADRILLED HOLEJewel Case
2002BMG07863 60555-2USAPUNCHED HOLEJewel Case
2002BMG ELV 2002 Netherlands       CD-R /  WITH NBC PICTUREPl. Sleeve               


"A Little Less Conversation" is a song written by Mac Davis and Billy Strange, originally performed by Elvis Presley for the 1968 film Live a Little, Love a Little. The song became a minor hit in the United States when released as a single with "Almost in Love" as the A-side. A 2002 remix by Junkie XL of a later re-recording of the song by Presley became a worldwide hit, topping the singles charts in nine countries and was awarded certifications in ten countries by 2003.

In 2002, the TV special version of "A Little Less Conversation" remixed by Junkie XL was used for Nike's 2002 FIFA World Cup advertising campaign, titled "Secret Tournament". A single, credited to "Elvis vs. JXL", was issued and went on to become a Number 1 hit in over 20 countries.

"A Little Less Conversation" was remixed by Dutch musician Tom Holkenborg, better known as Junkie XL (alternatively JXL). The electronic remix featured Elvis with a lower voice, and added emphasis to the 1968 guitars, horns, and a funk drum beat. Holkenborg is the first artist outside the Presley organization to receive authorization from the Elvis Presley estate to remix an Elvis Presley song. The electronic version of the song became a number-one hit in the UK in 2002. The song also became a top ten hit in upwards of 17 other countries, reaching number 1 in 13 of them. (wikipedia )