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RCA Camden Elvis Presley CD

Here you can see the Classic RCA Camden CDs.
Made by Sony BMG Music USA, these new remastered CDs are reprints of the RCA Camden budget LPs

All CDs have the same tracks as the original LP releases.

The label was named after Camden, New Jersey, original home to the Victor Talking Machine Company, later RCA Victor.

From 1968 to 1975, RCA Camden issued a series of compilation albums featuring recordings by Elvis Presley, who recorded for the main RCA Victor label. These albums primarily consisted of repackagings of Presley's 1960s-era movie soundtrack recordings, however several albums, such as Elvis Sings Flaming Star also featured previously unreleased material, while another album, Let's Be Friends featured most of the soundtrack to Elvis' final scripted film, Change of Habit. Two later compilations, Burning Love and Hits from His Movies, Volume 2 and Separate Ways actually featured then-current chart hits for Presley that were issued on LP on RCA Camden, instead of the usual RCA Victor label.  In 1975, RCA leased the reissue rights of several different Camden albums, including Presley's, to Pickwick Records, which subsequently reissued several of them under its own branding. After Presley's unexpected death in 1977, demand for his recordings increased greatly; RCA soon terminated the reissue agreement with Pickwick primarily to regain the rights to the Pickwick leased Presley titles, and began reissuing and repackaging several of them. (wikipedia )

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Almost In Love - Sony/BMG A 681610 - USA 2006 - Elvis Presley CD
Almost in Love

Elvis Sings Flaming Star - USA 2006 - Sony/BMG A 681609 - Elvis Presley CD
Flaming Star

Let's Be Friends - USA 2006 - Sony/BMG A 689959 - Elvis Presley CD
Let's Be Friends

You'll Never Walk Alone - USA 2006 - Sony/BMG A 689960 - Elvis Presley CD
You'll Never Walk Alone

2007Burning Love and Hits From His Movies - BMG A 709673 - USA 2007
Burning Love And Hits From His Movies
Separate Ways - USA 2007 - Sony/BMG A709674 - Elvis Presley CD
Separate Ways

2008I Got Lucky - USA 2008 - Sony/BMG A738730 - Elvis Presley CD
I Got Lucky