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'ELVIS PRESLEY la discographie francaise' - with a 7 track BMG France CD


  Title:   ROCK AND ROLL N 2    
  Catalog Number:   74321 927232    
  Matrix Number:   SNA 1 / 74321.92723.2   
  Year:   BMG France 2002  
  Value:   New: 65  
  Track List:   1 - I forgot to remember to forget - recorded on July 11, 1955 in the Sun Studio, Memphis.
2 - Mystery train - 
recorded on July 11, 1955 in the Sun Studio, Memphis.
3 - I was the one - recorded on January 11, 1956 in the RCA studios, Nashville.
4 - Heartbreak hotel - recorded on January 10, 1956 in the RCA studios, Nashville.  
5 - I was the one -
G2WB 0218. Take 2. This take appeared in 1996 on the single CD 'Heartbreak Hotel'.
6 - Heartbreak hotel -
G2WB 0209. Take 5. This take 5 of 'Heartbreak Hotel' appeared in 1996 on the album 'Elvis 56'.
7 - Heartbreak Hotel -
G2WB 0209. Take 6. This take can be found on the box-set 'Platinum' from 1997.
  Description:   This CD is a replica of the French EP 'Rock and Roll N 2' presented in a cardboard sleeve replicating the original EP including the actual size. The CD is attached to a cardboard square fitting inside the 45 rpm-size sleeve. The front of the cardboard shows the front cover of the French EP 'Rock and Roll N 3.

The History - translated from back of the cardboard .
It is the the year 1956, during the second quarter that RCA France releases the four tracks 45 rpm - 'Rock and Roll N 2. At that time Elvis totally dominated the American scene: records, TV, movies........the phenomenon is ongoing.

However, being unsure about the Elvis impact on the French public, RCA decided to release the record under an anonymous label, which subsequently became known to collectors as 'La Batterie' (75309), meaning 'The Drums'. Subsequently, like the rest of the world, French youth succumbed quickly to the new rhythm and its leader: ELVIS PRESLEY.

During the early months of 1957, the recording company, aware of the new direction that music was taking, released a record set entitled 'Rock and Roll, N 1 to 5' which included (number 3) the above mentioned 'La Batterie'. This record would be re-edited and released numerous times.

In 1961, the record cover and the series are re-edited with a new look, color and new catalogue numbers. 'La Batterie' becomes catalog number 86289. This record would be reissued on numerous occasions in this form into the 70s. One can imagine what the sales must have been over these fifteen years.

Today, despite all these editions, 'La Batterie' as per 'Elvis Presley Record Price Guide' is valued at around 1220 Euros, (1600$ US). The first edition of the 'Rock and Roll N 3, at 150 Euros (200$ US and the third cover around 75 Euros (100$ US).

ELVIS PRESLEY La Discographie - 272 pages - published in 2002 by - 'Elvis My Happiness' - is a beautifully produced soft cover publication presenting an extensive discography of all French releases of singles, EPs, LPs and CDs. The book is in full color and shows all covers, track-listings and values for the releases.



Thanks to Ron Lacourse & Andr McArdle for the 'helping hand'