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SHUFUNOTOMO CD BOOKS 19 - with an included CD  


  Title:   CD Books 19   
  Catalog Number:   SFCM 00115  
  Matrix Number:   SFCM-00115-A2F11 V  
  Year:   1990  
  Track List:   1) That's All Right - 2) Heartbreak Hotel - 3) Jailhouse Rock - 4) Hound Dog - 5) Big Hunk O'love - 6) Such A Night - 7) It's Now Or Never - 8) Are You Lonesome Tonight? - 9) Don't Be Cruel - 10) Love Me Tender - 11) Suspicious Minds - 12) You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - 13) An American Trilogy - 14) My Boy - 15) Hurt - 16) How Great Thou Art - 17) Burning Love - 18) My Way - 19) I'll Remember You - 20) Can't Help Falling In Love  

  SHUFUNOTOMO (means: housewife's friend)

The Japanese script above the words 'CD BOOKS 19' on the front cover states, that a woman named Reiko Yukawa wrote the book and chose the songs for the CD. She is a huge Elvis fan and has written many articles and other books on Elvis. (She has also prepared the well-known CD: MEGA ELVIS - The Essential Collection' - BVCP 850) It also states, that 'Elvis Presley Fan Club' cooperated. (presumably that's the Japanese Fan Club)

Page 1 states the CD song titles in Japanese along with their running times.

Pages 2 and 3 state the book contents, as follows:

Foreword page 5
Beginning on page 7 and page 22 are two essays about Elvis.
Page 33 section is entitled: 'Elvis last 24 hours'.
Beginning on page 44 is a chronology of key events in Elvis' lifetime.
The numbers beginning 19__ at the top of each page are all years and the numbers in brackets show Elvis' age at the time.
From page 53 is a list of Elvis' movies and info on each one (year it was made, director, songs, etc.)
A discography begins on page 87 (strangely that section goes from left to right, so it starts on page 87 and ends on page 72). It gives you the original release date, song titles, US catalog numbers and Japanese CD catalog numbers.
Page 92-88 discusses the songs on the included CD and obviously the lyrics appear on pages 103-93.

NOTE: Red/purple side is the front of the dust jacket (the book is read mostly from right to left and the Japanese script on the spine is mostly written top to bottom).

The series continued after the Elvis book was published in September 1990. The latest one I can find info on is February 1992, but I don't know, if that was the last one ever or not.

Incidentally, if you look on page 105, you can see a cutout inlay card for the CD. Also on page 104 there is an 'About the Author' page.



Info: David Ward - Japan