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STERN 'Spezial BIOGRAFIE' with a promo CD  


  Title:   ELV1S 30 #1 HITS - Promo Sampler for STERN 'Spezial BIOGRAFIE'   
  Catalog Number:   74321 96306 2   
  Matrix Number:   SonoPress 50462158/74321963062 02 (also with 03)  
  Year:   2002  
  Track List:   'Burning Love' - A/B comparative
'Suspicious Minds' - A/B comparative 

  In 2002, the people behind the German weekly 'STERN', decided to publish a new magazine - 'Spezial BIOGRAFIE'.

The concept was, among other things, a magazine with articles on historical and contemporary personalities from politics, economy, culture and business and connected to current events - birthdays, anniversaries and book-or film releases.

This issue, the first of 'Spezial BIOGRAFIE' (130 pages), was published 19.8.2002 - the 25th anniversary of Elvis' death.

As the main theme in a 52-page article the magazine portrays Elvis - his dreams and wishes - and decribes why listening to Elvis music is still so popular - and finally what Elvis would have done today, had he lived.

Numerous fine (many full-page) color and b&w photos - illuminate the person Elvis from new perspectives.

Along with the publication comes a free promo CD to promote the upcoming CD 'ELV1S 30 #1 HITS' (street date 23.9.02). The CD contains 'Burning Love' and 'Suspicious Minds' - each number in 2 different versions - to compare the 'old' sound and the new re-mastered sound.