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Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees


 Title:  Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees 
 Catalog Number:  none 
 Matrix Number:  LLMM-TN-GMEP-CD 
 Year:  2006 
 Country: USA 
 Description:  Contents : Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees
Issued in 2006 by BMG USA and Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc.
The 10th cd in the series was sent out by the Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. to fan club presidents all over the world for the 2006 Christmas season. Comes again in a cardboard picture sleeve ! Inside you find a (photocopied) Christmas Message from Prsiscilla and Lisa Marie:

Dear Friends,

As each year passes, we see Elvis's legacy grow stronger and the number of people who are touched by his music continues to grow.

This year was no exception as Elvis received a tribute from the final Tour contestants of American Idol,
Graceland was designated a National Historic Landmark, and we were all honored by the visit to Graceland by President and Mrs. Bush and their special guest and serious Elvis fan, Prime Minister Koizumi of Japan.
Next year will mark the 30th anniversary of Elvis's passing, the 50th anniversary of Elvis's purchase of Graceland, and the 25th anniversary of its opening to the public.
These anniversary commemorations and all the many other things being planned for 2007 promise us all an exceptional year of excitement to share.
As the two of us look forward 2007, we look back an 2006 with the deepest gratitude to all of you for another year of heartfelt effort to support and honor Elvis Presley's legacy and to reach out in service to your community in his memory.

With love, respect and appreciation, we wish you a joyous holiday season and a great 2007.

Priscilla Presley Lisa Marie Presley


  Notes:  Less than 1000 copies of this release have been pressed. Technically this is not a bona-fide promo CD since it is not promoting any particular commercial CD. However, it is very rare and unique among Elvis collectors.