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The Wonderful World Of Christmas

 Title:  The Wonderful World Of Christmas 
 Catalog Number:  None Listed ! 
 Matrix Number:  55888 02 
 Year:  2003 
 Country: USA 
 Description:  Contents : The Wonderful World Of Christmas

Issued in 2002 by Elvis Presley Enterprises , Inc.

This one track CD was sent out by the Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. to fan club presidents all over the world for the 2003 Christmas season. The only differance between this one and all the others is that this cd is packaged in a jewel-case ! The front cover features a gorgeous color photo shot of Elvis on the winter Graceland background. The title of the CD in capital yellow / blue print is printed across the upper left. The disc itself is blue with silver print. The title of the release is printed on the left side of the cd and on the right side stands Elvís Presley's name. In addition as all the other E.P.E. releases , not a glossy paper insert which includes a message signed by Priscilla and Lisa Marie but this time it is written on the backcover !

This time the note reads :

Dear Friends ,

The Wonderful World Of Christmas as recorded by Elvis is such a beautiful song and the spirit of the lyrics seems so appropriate in 2002. The joy and wonder of the holiday season this time around caps an amazing year in the world of Elvis and his fans.

We both were so happy and privileged to be with many of you at Elvis : The 25th Anniversary Concert in August. We've also shared your unbridled excitement and deep sence of pride in this special year as we've seen Elvis Presley's legacy reach new heights and new audiences with all the 25th Anniversary publicity , the surprise hit remix single A Little Less Conversation , his special promminence in the Disney film Lilo and Stitch , and now , thecontinuing worldwide achievements of ELVIS 30 #1 HITS. A whole new era for Elvis and his fans has begun and there are so many wonderful new and exciting developments for all of us to look forward to together in the years ahead.

We and all of the staff of Graceland / EPE treasure your friendship and always know we can count on your supprt from year to year. It is an extention of the perfect , steadfast loyalty you have to the memory of Elvis Presley. We thank you and applaud you for all you do to perpetuate his legacy and all you do to reach out in service to thecommunity in his honor.

Our very best wishes to you this holiday season and always.

Sinscerely : Prisilla Presley & Lisa Marie Presley.

Only around 850 copies of this release have been pressed. Technically this is not a bona-fide promo cd since it is not promoting any particular commercial cd. However , it is very rare and unique among Elvis collectors.'