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White Christmas

 Title:  White Christmas 
 Catalog Number:  none 
 Matrix Number:  SU1024125 ELVIS PRESLEY WHITE CHRISTMAS 01 
 Year:  2005 
 Country: USA 
 Description:  Contents : White Christmas
Issued in 2005 by BMG USA and Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc.
The 9th cd in the series was sent out by the Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. to fan club presidents all over the world for the 2005 Christmas season. This time they bought it out in a cardboard picture sleeve ! The frontcover is complete white ! There is some text on it that reads : " White Christmas Elvis " , it is nearly visable but it is there ! The back of the cover has a black and white photo of Graceland's Sanata and rain deer.The CD itself is white , on top stands 2005 , below the spin the words : Elvis Presley White Christmas , written by Irving Berlin , Special Thanks to BMG , Happy Holiday's ! , the Graceland logo and the words : EPE. Also this time there is a insert that reads :
Dear Friends,
We cannot thank you enough for your warm and enthusiastic embrace of
the Elvis By The Presleys TV/DVD/book project, witch was introduced earlier
this year. It meant so much to us, to our family and to everyone involved in
making this very personal statement. The succes and positive reception of
this labor of love by you, as well as by new Elvis audiences, is a source of
great pride for us peronally, along with the Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE)
staff and producers
Over the past year, an exciting change at EPE that had been quietly in the
making for some time took you by suprise. EPE partnered with
Bob Sillerman and his new company CKX. This is a wonderful development for
the growth of EPE and its abillity to nurture the Elvis Presley legacy and to
reach even larger audiences for Elvis in every part of the world, now and in
generations to come. It is also a great development in EPE's ability to further
its outreach to his most ardent fans. We look forward to an even brighter
future in the  world of Elvis, and tosharing all the excitement of it with you
every step of the way.
Thanks so much to you and your Elvis fan club members for all your tireless
efforts to support and honor Elvis Presley legacy in 2005, particularly when
you have reached out in service to your community in his memory. With our
abiding love, respect and appreciation to all of you, we wish you a joyous
holiday season and a great 2005.
Lisa-Marie Presley     Pricilla Presley


  Notes:  Only around 650 copies of this release have been pressed. Again, technically this is not a bona-fide promo CD since it is not promoting any particular commercial CD. However, it is very rare and unique among Elvis collectors.