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33 Answers To 33 Questions

  Title: 33 Answers To 33 Questions 
  Label: ElvisMatters Fanclub 
  Catalog Number: none listed !  
  Release Date: 2004  
  Country:  Belgium  
  Track Listing:   The Truth About me / Tell us how you get your first break? / Where did you attend school? / And in Memphis? / Have you any brothers or sisters? / How
did you get your contract with RCA? / How tall are you? / What was the first song that you sang to an audience? / What’s your possessions when you play
football? / What kind of music do you like? / Do you consider yourself religious? / Did you copy anybody when you created your style? / When was the first
time that you performed live audience? / What do you think of country music? / Do you like the girls going wild over you? / What did you do before you went
into this business? / Would you like to have kids? / How about your cars? / What is the hardest part of the music business? / Can you think of one or two
things that makes you so good? / Where’re you from? / Who’s your favourite actor? / Do you smoke or drink? / What’s your favourite colour? / What kind
of audiences do you attract? / When is your birthday? / Which one of your movies do you think you did the best job of acting in? / Which one of your own
songs do you like the best? / Do you smoke? / What do you think of Rock’n’Roll? / How do you rate yourself as an actor? / Do you want to thank anybody?
/ Goodbye
Interview disc only !
Free souvernir CD for visitors of the opening weekend of the ElvisMatters Shop in Belgium (4 & 5 December 2004) !