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Between Takes With Elvis


  Title: Between Takes With Elvis 
  Label: Elvis Unlimited Denmark 
  Catalog Number: none  
  Release Date: 2003  
  Country:  Denmark  
  Track Listing:   SIDE ONE: April, 1972: Elvis is about to go on stage, but Joe Esposito warns him of a potential hazard ◊ As Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001) begins, EIvis awaits his cue ◊ In Macoen, Georgia, Elvis and friends talk and joke about his concort ezperiences ◊ Elvis between takes during rehersals of You Gave Me A Mountain and Hawaiian Wedding Song ◊ Elvis speaks about the hot weather and recalls ripping many of his jump suits on stage ◊ The complete water pistol fight ◊ Elvis talks about afternoon (as opposed to evening) concerts ◊ April 17, 1972, prior to Elvis' appearance, a Little Rock prornoter speaks fondly of Elvis.

SIDE TWO: March, 1972: Elvis between takes of Burning Love; For The Good Times; Always on My Mind; Separate Ways; You Gave Me A Mountain and Love Me. Includes discussion of songs as well as segments of EI Paso and How the Web Was Woven.

SIDE THREE: Elvis between takes of Teddy Bear; A Big Hunk O' Love; See See Rider and For the Good Times. Includes discussion of song selection plus Elvis joking and singng (fragments of Hawaiian Wedding Song and Never Been to Spain) while waiting to go on stage in Litte Rock ◊ The Arkansas promotor, interviewed earlier, visits with Elvis backstage.

SIDE FOUR: Elvis between takes of Burning Love; For The Good Times; You Gave Me a Mountain; Until It's Time for You to Go; Polk Salad Annie; I Can't Stop Loving You; An American Trilogy and Funny How Time Slips Away. Includes segments of Cattle Call; Over the Rainbow; I'll Remember You and Nearer My God To Thee ◊ Elvis with friends and fans. Includes segments of The Lighthouse; I John; I Need Your Loving and For The Good Times.

SIDE FIVE: Elvis between takes of Funny How Time Slips Away; Burning Love and Help Me Make It Through The Night ◊ Elvis and group discuss songs and music clearances ◊ Elvis is joined in his suite by J.D. Sumner and the Stamps. Includes segments of Run On; I John; Lead Me, Guide Me; Nearer My God to Thee ◊ Elvis talks about: His music background; J.D. Stunner; gospel music all-night singing for relaxation; keeping the shows interesting night after night; the chemistry between Elvis and his group on stage; the upcoming 15-city tour in 15 nights (April 5-19,1972).

SIDE SIX: Discussion of concert songs what to leave in, what to leave out . ◊ George Klein talks about Elvis ◊ Vernon Presley, Elvis' dad, relates the Elvis Presley story, tracing highlights from his first recordings and the early years, to present (1972)

  Notes:  A talking album only.

CD is a reprint of a three LP box.

Elvis Unlimited isn't named as producer on this CD.