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Hits From China To Denmark

Hits From China To Denmark Hits From China To Denmark

  Title: Hits From China To Denmark 
  Label: Elvis Unlimited Denmark (The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Denmark) 
  Catalog Number: -  
  Release Date: unkown, probably 1992  
  Country:  Denmark  
  Track Listing:  

There were made only a new front- and backside in black & white for a fat jewel case and put in the original pressings.

The orginal BMG CDs "Elvis' Golden Records", Hong Kong, and "Danske Single Hits", Denmark,

Elvis' Golden Records - Hong Kong 1991 - BMG PCD1-5196  Danske Single Hits - BMG PD 90551 - Denmark (made in Schweiz) 1991

were packed in a fat jewel case with a front- and backside.
Included for the Gold-CD is a 4-pages booklet with blank inside, a foldout inlay in pink with the lyrics and a pocket calendar.
Included for the Danske-CD is a 8-pages booklet and a 4 pages booklet with available CDs.

The box came with a a hand numbered "Certificate".

Hits From China To Denmark Certificate

Elvis Presley is still incredibly popular, and his records are still sold in huge numbers all over the world from China to Denmark.

On January 1st, 1991, 'Golden Records' was finally released in China as the first Elvis release ever in that country. It happened with a delay of more than three decades compared to the Western world.

Within six days 20.000 copies of 'Golden Records' were torn from the shelves, and more than 200.000 copies were sold in China. According to some sources the release was so popular that it leads to an increase in the demand for tape recorders.

Shortly after the release of 'Golden Records' in China, 'Danske Single Hits' was released in Denmark on February 11th 1991 as the first Elvis record exclusively for the Danish market. 'Danske Single Hits' went straight to a second place on the official hit list, and the following week it advanced to the top spot.

'Danske Single Hits' was marketed in ten TV ads and sold in more than 50.00 copies, which was more than enough for a gold record which was presented to Elvis Presley's estate in Memphis.

Elvis Presley's records have sold in over a billion copies around the world. This world record keeps growing day by day, as the demand for Elvis in the 90's is still considerable.

Out of 50 copies only this box is no. 6
  Note:  It is not a true "Elvis Unlimited Denmark" fanclub release. EUD was founded later by Henrik Knudsen.