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Interviews With The King

Interviews With The King Interviews With The KingInterviews With The King

  Title: Interviews With The King 
  Label: P.O.4 - The Official Elvis Presley Fanclub 
  Catalog Number: 001/74321 904982  
  Release Date: 2001  
  Country:  England  
  Content:   1. 1960, Elvis Presley's rare broadcast for the American forces network
2. 1964, Elvis greets his UK fans at the NME poll concert
3. 1965, Honolulu, with Tom Moffett & Hermans Hermits front man Peter Noone
4. 1972, Elvis' New York press conference before his Madison Square Gardens show
5. 1956 The Ray Green Interview recorded at Little Rock
6. Talking With Elvis recorded in Ottawa
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