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Elvis Live From the USA

Elvis Live From the USA Elvis Live From the USA Elvis Live From the USA

  Title: Elvis Live From the USA 
  Label: Elvis For Everyone 
  Catalog Number: EFE Promo Volume 5  
  Release Date: 2005  
  Country:  Netherlands  
  Content:   Elvis Comments
1. "I'm Very Happy To Be Here"
2. "Europe"

The Concert Segments 1997/2005
3. Elvis Talks About His First Movie
4. Elvis Introduces "Sweet Sweet Spirit"
5. Band Introductions** (February 22, 2000)
6. "Elvis Turn Up The Lights"
7. "We Love To Sing For You"

Elvis In Concert 1997
8. Welcome from host George Klein
9. Intro part two by George Klein
10. Band Introduction by Elvis
11. Sound mistake
12. "Suspicious Minds"
13. Special thanks from Priscilla And Lisa

Band Introductions
14. "Elvis Has Left The Building"
15. Las Vegas, February 15, 1970, Midnight Show
16. Hampton Roads, Virginia, April 9, 1972, evening show

Special Bonus
17. Memphis, Tennessee, March 20, 1974*
18. Elvis Walking And Talking
19. "And I'm Never Gonna See My Wonderland" (from "Elvis On Tour")
20. Elvis talks about his gospel roots (March, 31, 1972)
21. "Good Show!" (from "Elvis On Tour").
Listed at Elvis For Everyone Promo Vol. 5

Dedicated to "Elvis - The Concert"