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Rare Elvis Duets

  Title: Rare Elvis Duets 
  Label: Elvis Presley Friendship Club Philippines International 
  Catalog Number: none  
  Release Date: 2004  
  Country:  Philippines  
01 Crawfish - with Kitty White (King Creole)    
02 Husky Dusky Day - with Hope Lange (Wild in the Country)    
03 Earth Boy - with Ginny & Elizabeth (Girls, Girls, Girls)    
04 Happy Ending - with Joan O' Brien (lt Happened at the World's Fair)    
05 How Would You Like To Be - with Vicki Tiu (lt Happened at the World's Fair)    
06 Mexico - with Larry Domasin (Fun in Acapulco)    
07 The Lady Loves Me - with Ann·Margret (Viva Las Vegas)    
08 You‘re The Boss - with Ann·Margret (Viva Las Vegas)    
09 Today, Tomorrow & Forever - with Ann·Margret (Viva Las Vegas)    
10 Datin' - with Donna Butterworth (Paradise Hawaiian Style)    
11 Petunia, The Gardener's Daughter - with Donna Douglas (Frankie and Johnny)    
12 Queenie Wahine's Papaya - with Donna Butterworth (Paradise Hawaiian Style)    
13 Scratch My Back - with Marianna Hill (Paradise Hawaiian Style)    
14 Who Needs Money - with Will Hutchins (Clambake)    
15 There Ain't Nothing Like a Song - with Nancy Sinatra (Speedway)    
16 Signs Of the Zodiac - with Marilyn Mason (The Trouble with Girls)    
17 Moonlight Swim - with unknown female (Home Recording)    
18 Love Me Tender / Whitchcraft - with Frank Sinatra (live)    
19 Don’t·Cry Daddy -  Lisa Marie Presley (live)    
  Notes:  Duet songs, taken from various sources.