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The Graceland Collectors Box


Graceland Collector's Box - Elvis Presley CD

This is a very nice collectors item from Belgium, it contains 51 standard albums and one bonus promo cd called "Moody Blue - Way Down" !

All CDs - except the promo CD - are previouly released and were sold also outside the box.

This set came together in a very nice package it's the Graceland Mansion , only from plastic a sort of playmobil with a pen and some postcards makes this set a real collectors item , it isn't cheap , but if you're a cd collector than you must have this one in your collection. It's released in Belgium , August 1997. Limited and numbered to 1000 pieces

In the package are the same titles as in the "Original Elvis Presley Collection" from the Netherlands that was released in 1996.



The following cd are listed in the box :
Nr.01 - Elvis Presley
Nr.02 - Elvis
Nr.03 - Loving You (enhanced)
Nr.04 - Elvis' Christmas Album
Nr.05 - Elvis' Golden Records (enhanced)
Nr.06 -
King Creole (enhanced)
Nr.07 - For LP Fans Only
Nr.08 - A Date With Elvis
Nr.09 -
Elvis' Golden Records Vol. 2 (enhanced)
Nr.10 - Elvis Is Back!
Nr.11 - Double Features Series - Flaming Star / Follow That Dream / Wild In The Country
Nr.12 -
G.I. Blues (enhanced)
Nr.13 - His Hand In Mine
Nr.14 - Something For Everybody
Nr.15 - Blue Hawaii (enhanced + bonus)
Nr.16 -
Pot Luck With Elvis
Nr.17 - Double Features Series - Kid Galahad / Girls! Girls! Girls!
Nr.18 - Elvis' Golden Records Volume 3 (enhanced)
Nr.19 - Double Features Series - It Happened At The World's Fair / Fun In Acapulco
Nr.20 - Double Features Series - Kissin' Cousins / Clambake / Stay Away Joe
Nr.21 - Double Features Series - Love In Las Vegas / Roustabout
Nr.22 - Double Features Series - Harem Holiday / Girl Happy
Nr.23 - Elvis For Everyone!
Nr.24 - Double Feature / Frankie & Johnny - Paradise Hawaiian Style
Nr.25 - Double Features Series - Spinout / Double Trouble
Nr.26 - Double Features Series - Easy Come, Easy Go / Speedway
Nr.27 - How Great Thou Art
Nr.28 - Elvis' Gold Records Volume 4 (enhanced)
Nr.29 - Double Features Series - Live A Little, Love A Little / The Trouble With Girls / Charro / Change Of Habit
Nr.30 - NBC TV Special
Nr.31 - From Elvis In Memphis
Nr.32 - In Person At The International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Nr.33 - Back In Memphis
Nr.34 -
On Stage - February, 1970
Nr.35 - That's The Way It Is
Nr.36 - Elvis Country - I'm 10.000 Years Old
Nr.37 - Love Letters From Elvis
Nr.38 - Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas
Nr.39 - Elvis Now
Nr.40 - He Touched Me
Nr.41 - Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden
Nr.42 - Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite
Nr.43 - Elvis (Fool Album)
Nr.44 - Raised On Rock
Nr.45 - Good Times
Nr.46 - Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis
Nr.47 - Promised Land
Nr.48 - Today
Nr.49 - From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis Tennessee
Nr.50 - Moody Blue
Nr.51 - Elvis' Gold Records Vol. 5 (enhanced)
Nr.52 -
Jailhouse Rock / Love Me Tender

Nr.53 - Moody Blue / Way Down (promotional CD)
Nr.54 - Always On My Mind (Shape CD)