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Our Memories Of Elvis - Volumes 1, 2 & 3

Our Memories Of Elvis - Volumes 1, 2 & 3 Our Memories Of Elvis - Volumes 1, 2 & 3 Our Memories Of Elvis - Volumes 1, 2 & 3Zoom
Three panel digipak

Title: Our Memories Of Elvis - Volumes 1, 2 & 3
Label: Follow That Dream (FTD)
Catalog number: 506020-975038 , Sony Mucic Entertainment
Matrix: CD 1: IFPI L558  d:centia 506020-975038  A0101917409-0102    18 A00   IFPI 94W8
CD 2: IFPI L551  d:centia 506020-975038  A0101917409-0202    21 A00   IFPI 94U7
GTIN: 5060209750385
Release date: 03/2012
Playing time: 73:48 / 54:57
Recording type: Studio (remixed without overdub)
Location:: various
Date:  various
Track listing: 
01 Are You Sincere       02:01    
02 It's Midnight       03:20    
03 My Boy       02:56    
04 Girl Of Mine       03:39    
05 Take Good Care Of Her       02:53    
06 I'll Never Fall In Love Again       03:43    
07 Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming       02:50    
08 Spanish Eyes       02:24    
09 Never Again       02:51    
10 She Thinks I Still Care       03:51    
11 Solitaire       04:42    
12 I Got A Feeling In My Body       03:37    
13 Green Green Grass Of Home       03:36    
14 For The Heart       03:30    
15 She Wears My Ring       03:23    
16 I Can Help       04:04    
17 Way Down       02:36    
18 There's A Honky Tonk Angel       03:06    
19 Find Out What's Happening       02:42    
20 Thinking About You       03:28    
21 Don't Think Twice It's All Right       08:36    
01 Woman Without Love       03:35
02 Moody Blue       03:57
03 When I'm Over You       03:06
04 It's A Matter Of Time       03:05
05 Sweet Angeline       03:04
06 Hurt       02:08
07 Shake A Hand       03:50
08 Promised Land       02:52
09 Heart Of Rome       02:53
10 If You Don't Come Back       02:45
11 Mr. Songman       02:10
12 For Ol' Times Sake       03:39
13 Love Coming Down       03:09
14 Pledging My Love       05:11
15 Raised On Rock       02:55
16 The Last Farewell       04:04
17 Fool       02:34
Notes:  Double digipak, comes with a 12 pages booklet

Three panel digipak

Digipak inside

Liner notes:
When the first volume of OUR MEMORIES OF ELVIS was released in February 1989, it was received with great acclaim from many die-hard Elvis fans. At the time, in was considered by many fans that extensive overdubbing and subsequent 'sweetening' of Elvis' seventies arrangements detracted from the overall time of voice and instrumentation. In essence, the intimacy and dynamic of both song and performance wert somehow lost in the mix.

Therefore when RCA executive Joan Deary, devised the 'Pure Elvis' concept it was greeted with geiat enthusiasm. For Deary, it served as an opportunity to rectify what she felt has been wrong with Elvis' seventies productions. A frustration she had taken seriously within RCA by trying to get Elvis' producer Felton Jarvis fired. This was a battle she lost.

Ironically, it's doubtful that Elvis himself would have approved of the treatment. The less is more view was certainly in line with Colonel Parker's view (Parker was still acting as Elvis' manager at this point), who as far back as King Creole and the June '58 sessions had complained that Elvis' couldn't be heard properly over all the instruments. For this reason, he whole-heartedly embraced Joan's new concept OUR MEMORIES OF ELVIS that stripped carefully chosen songs back to basics. Both Elvis' father Vernon and the Colonel gave their consent and even endorsed the project by having their Photo adorn the cover art.

With sales of 200,000 (Volume 1) and 150,000 (Volume 2) copies in the U.S. the series certainly made financial sense RCA. Despite the healthy sales, the records didn't have true mass appeal and peaked on the Billboord album charts at #I32 & #137 respectively. Volume 3 had been prepared by Deary but it was shelved as other projects materialised that had more mainstream commercial potential.

This extended package includes the original alburns, the unreleased Volume 3, and several extra tracks that were mixed but not used for the third volume.

Print note::  Also seen with matrix:
CD1: IFPI L558 d:centia 506020-975038  A0101917409-0102   18 A00   IFPI 94K8
CD2: IFPI L551 d:centia 506020-975038  A0101917409-0202   21 A01   IFPI 94K7