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Promised Land

Promised Land - Elvis Presley FTD CD  Promised Land - Elvis Presley FTD CD Promised Land - Elvis Presley FTD CDZoom
Three panel fold-out digipak

Title: Promised Land
Label: Follow That Dream (FTD)
Catalog number: 506020-975019 Sony Mucic Entertainment
Matrix: CD 1: IFPI LP551 d:centia APLI-0973 A0101881310-0101 11 A00 IFPI 94W6
CD 2: IFPI LP555 d:centia APLI-0973 A0101881319-0101 15 A00 IFPI 94W3
UPC/EAN: 5060209750194
Release date: 12/2011
Playing time: 79:22 / 78:39
Recording type: Studio recordings and outtakes
Location:: Stax Studios, Memphis / Tennessee
Date:  December 10, 11, 12, 15 - 1973
Track listing: 
Disc 1

The Original Album
01 Promised Land 02:55
02 There's A Honky Tonk Angel (Who Will Take Me Back In) 03:03
03 Help Me 02:30
04 Mr. Songman 02:09
05 Love Song Of The Year 03:18
06 It's Midnight 03:24
07 Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming 02:56
08 If You Talk In Your Sleep 02:29
09 Thinking About You 03:04
10 You Asked Me To 02:56
Sessinon Highlight - The Alternte Album
11 Promised Land (takes 3,4) 03:08
12 There's A Honky Tonk Angel (take 4 + composite of takes 5,3,8) 03:19
13 Help Me (take 1, f.s + remixed master) 02:48
14 Mr. Songman (take 2) 02:07
15 Love Song Of The Year (take 1) 03:39
16 It's Midnight (take 7) 03:45
17 Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming (take 10) 03:54
18 If You Talk In Your Sleep (take 5) 02:27
19 Thinking About You (take 4) 04:03
20 You Asked Me To (take 3A) 03:32
Session Highlights - The Alternate Album
21 Promised Land (take 5) 03:36
22 Love Song Of The Year (takes 3,4,6) 03:26
23 Love Song Of The Year (take 7) 03:32
24 It's Midnight (take 11) 03:29
25 You Asked Me To (take 2B) 03:53
  DISC 2
Sessions - The Making Of
01 It's Midnight (takes 1-4, 8) 02:58
02 It's Midnight (take 9) 03:15
03 Love Song Of The Year (rehearsal) 03:43
04 Thinking About You (rehearsal + take 2) 02:37
05 Thinking About You (take 3) 04:07
06 You Asked Me To (take 1,2A) 05:01
07 Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming (takes 2,3) 03:41
08 Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming (take 4) 02:51
09 Promised Land (take 2) 02:58
10 Mr. Songman (take 1) 03:30
11 There's A Honky Tonk Angel (take 1) 03:06
12 If You Talk In Your Sleep (take 6) 02:41
13 If You Talk In Your Sleep (take 9, undubbed master) 02:41
14 It's Midnight (take 10) 03:47
15 Thinking About You (takes 5,6) 04:40
16 Love Song Of The Year (take 2) 04:02
17 You Asked Me To (take 3B) 03:42
18 There's A Honky Tonk Angel (takes 6,7) 03:51
19 There's A Honky Tonk Angel (take 8, rough mix master) 03:12
20 Mr. Songman (takes 3,5) 03:42
21 Promised Land (take 6, undubbed master) 03:40
22 Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming (take 8) 01:03
23 Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming (take 9, unedited undubbed master) 03:51

Notes:  This is a special collector edition housed in a 7" (17,5 cm) triple-fold-out cover.

Promised Land - Elvis Presley FTD CD

Includes a 12 pages booklet.


When Elvis recorded at Stax in July of 1973 the sessions were marred by several problems. The studio was somewhat behind the times in technology with only one Strack machine (RCA had 16 tracks). Various malfunctions held up the sessions, Elvis' mike disappeared and eventually so did Elvis, leaving Felton and the band to cut backing tracks an several songs (4). of which Elvis Chose to finish only one two months later at his Palm Springs home.When he retumed in December for week-long sessions. RCA had brought its 16-track mobile unit to Memphis, manned with their own engineers in order to supervise the technical aspects of the sessions, but more importantly Felton and Elvis were much better prepared, with many strong songs selected, and significantly, with Elvis in much better Spirits than he had been back in July.With 18 finished masters the sessions produced exactly the number of recordings Felton and RCA needed.With the two songs held over from July, there was enough material for new singles and two complete studio albums.

January 11, 1974
RCA releases the two leftover tracks from the July sessions, "I've Got A Thing About You Baby"/"Take Good Care Of Her" as Elvis' new single. The Tony Joe White penned A-side is certainly a great commercial song, and sells a respectable 400,000 copies, but since 1341board's singles chart is now calculated an an equal base of sales and radio play. die record only goes to #39 (bat does much better an the Hot Country Singles chart at #4). The fast that pop radio no longer favours Elvis means that the record chart-wise fares much worse than had it been a straight sales chart.

January 26 through February 09, 1974
This is the first Las Vegas engagement that is only for two weeks. not 4. The engagement at Las Vegas Hilton is favourabty received drawing comments like "in good humour" and "at the top of his form".

March 1 through 20, 1974
In stark contrast to the recent record sales, Elvis undertakes what becomes one of his most successful tours to date.The three weeks of concerts gross more than two million dollars and the last night in Memphis is recorded for a, live album, obviousty creating even more revenue.

March 1974
The Erst album from the December sessions is called GOOD TIMES, and features several absolutely great cuts, but it only goes to #90 an the album chart (though it reaches #5 an its Hot Country LPs chart) and with sales of only 200,000 copies it becornes an absolute commercial low point in Elvis' tarnen lt seems that Elvis has not only lost the support of American radio, bat also that of the general public.

May 10, 1974
Accepting the failure of both the single and album. RCA rushes out two new recordings "If You Talk In Your Sleep" / "Help Me". lt seems that RCA secures the appropriate radio support for the A-side. written by Elvis' friend Red West, as the single, with sales of 50,000 less than the previous single, climbs as high as #17 on Billboarefs Hot 100. Once again an Elvis single does substantially better on the Hot Country Singles chart, where it peaks at #6.

May 10 through 13, 1974
Elvis goes on a short California tour.

May 16 through 26, 1974
Elvis carries out an engagement at The High Sierra Room at Sahara Tahoe Hotel Stateline, Nevada.
Two Shows have to be cancelled due to Elvis' illness.

June 15, 1974
The recording of the March 20 Show at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis is released as ELVIS RECORDER LIVE ON STAGE IN MEMPHIS doesn't achieve anywhere near the success of the albums from Madison Square Garden and the Hawaii TV Show, but it reaches #33 on Billboards TOP LPs chart and eventually sells more than half a million copies, enough for a gold record by the RIAA.The recording of "How great Thou Art' from the album wins a Grammy for "Best inspirational performance".

June 15 through July 2.1974
Elvis undertakes the third tour of the year and with over three million dollars grossed, it eclipses the March tour by almost a million.

August 19 through September 3, 1974
Elvis honours his contract with the Las Vegas Hilton with his second annual engagement at the hotel.

August and October 1974
As one of the most bizarre releases of Elvis' career, his manager Colonel Parker releases under his newlyformed Boxcar label an album of Elvis' in-between chatter at his concerts under the title HAVING FUN WITH ELVIS ON STAGE. Released two months later on the regular RCA label it actually charts on the Billboard TOP LPs charts and peaks at #130 and at #9 an its Hot Country LPs.

September 27. 1974
In order to set up for the forthcoming studio album, RCA releases "Promised Land" / "It's Midnight" as a new single. "Promised Land" is the most obvious commercial cut from the sessions and does very well on the Billboard charts (Hot 100 #14, Hot Country Singles #5), again by selling 50,000 lese than the ill-fated "I've Got A Thing About You Baby" record.

September 27 through October 9, 1974
In what appears to be a totally manic level of activity, Elvis goes on his fourth tour of the year.

October 11 through 14.1974
Elvis returns to the Sahara Hotel for four nights of shows, in order to make up for four cancelled shows at the May 1973 engagement.

December 1974
Although a new album is ready for January, a set of sessions is planned for December in Memphis. Eventually it has to be cancelled as Elvis has a health issue.

January 15. 1975
With two top 20 singles to spur the interest, expectations for the PROMISED LAND album are understandably high, but with a peak position of #47 there must have been some disappointment all around. Sales figures around 350,000 copies is however significantly bester than GOOD TIMES.

March 1, 1975
As a slight consolation and reinforcement of the musical quality of the GOOD TIMES album, a release of "My Boy" backed with "Thinking About You" from PROMISED LAND as single gives Elvis his third top 20 record in a row when it peaks at exactly #20 on Billboards Hot 100, and a #1 record an the Easy Listening Chart. Picked as an extra single by RCA in the U.K with a November 1974 release and a #5 chart placing, this is undoubtedly the inspiration for its release by RCA in the U.S.