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A Holy Rockin' Christmas

Title: A Holy Rockin' Christmas
Label: Fans Only
Label Number: FO 001
Release Date: 2006
Recording Type: Studio/live
Location: Various
Date: Various
Sound: Soundboard !
 Track Listing: 
01 Johnny B. Goode / O Holy Night (informal recording)    
02 Miracle Of The Rosary (alternate take 1)    
03 It Wonít Seem Like Christmas Without You (alternate take 6)    
04 Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees (alternate take 8)    
05 Merry Christmas Baby (unedited undubbed master take 1)    
06 Silver Bells (alternate take 1)    
07 Iíll Be Home On Christmas Day (alternate take 9)    
08 The Lordís Prayer (informal recording)    
09 Winter Wonderland (undubbed master take 10)    
10 Donít Think Twice, Itís All Right (unedited undubbed master)    
11 O Come, All Ye Faithful (alternate take 2)    
12 The First Noel (remixed version)    
13 The Wonderful World of Christmas (unedited complete master)    
14 Iíll Be Home On Christmas Day (alternate take 4)    
15 Merry Christmas Baby (original single version)    
16 Lady Madonna (informal recording)    
17 Fools Rush In (unedited undubbed master take 24)    
18 Iíve Got Confidence (alternate take 1)    
19 Silver Bells (remixed master take 2)    
20 Listen To The Bell (informal recording)    
21 Iíll Be Home On Christmas Day (alternate master take 10)    
22 Iíve Got Confidence (unedited undubbed master take 2)    
23 The Wonderful World of Christmas (vocal overdub)    
24 Merry Christmas Baby (remixed version from ďThis Is ElvisĒ)