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A Legendary Performer Vol. 14

  Title: A Legendary Performer Vol. 14 
  Label: Wolf Call Records 
 Label Number: none listed 
  Release Date: 2008  
  Recording Type: various 
 Location: various 
 Date: various 
 Sound: various 
 Track Listing:  
01 I Can Help (undubbed version)          
02 Fool (extended version)          
03 Just Call Me Lonesome (take 4)          
04 (Such An) Easy Question (extended version)          
05 A Little Bit Of Green (extended version)          
06 Susan When She Tried (spliced take)          
07 Such A Night (extended version)          
08 T-R-O-U-B-L-E (take 1)          
09 The Fool (take 1)          
10 A World OF Our Own (extended version)          
11 Crying In The Chapel (spliced take)          
12 His Latest Flame (take 14)          
13 For The Millionth And The Last Time (take 5)          
14 Never Ending (take 1)          
15 YouŽll Never Walk Alone (take 2)          
16 Where Do I Go From Here (extended version)          
17 Shake That Tambourine (spliced take)          
18 How The Web Was Woven (take 1)          
19 Fame And Fortune (extended take)          
20 IŽll take You Home Again Kathleen (extended version)          
21 Baby LetŽs Play House (Spankox remix)          
Notes:  Released in the "A Legendary Performer" import series from the Wolf Call label is volume 14.
This volume contains 21 extended, undubbed and out-take recordings including the "Re: Version" by DJ Spankox of "Baby Let's Play House".