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A Legendary Performer Vol. 16

  Title: A Legendary Performer Vol. 16 
  Label: Wolf Call Records 
 Label Number: none listed 
  Release Date: 2009  
  Recording Type: various 
 Location: various 
 Date: various 
 Sound: various 
 Track Listing:  
01 That's The Way It Is (radio spot)          
02 Promised Land (alternate mix)          
03 Just A Little Bit (remastered mastertake)          
04 It's Only Love (long version)          
05 Let Us Pray (alternate master)          
06 Never Ending (remastered)          
07 Let's Forget About The Stars (remake)          
08 Viva Las Vegas (remastered mastertake)          
09 Sylvia (spliced take 3/9)          
10 Wisdom Of The Ages (alternate mix)          
11 As Long As I Have You (remake)          
12 Fools Fall In Love (remixed take)          
13 Santa Lucia (remake)          
14 Your Love Is A Long Time Coming (alternate master)          
15 A Mess Of Blues (remixed take)          
16 His Latest Flame (alternate take)          
17 She's Not You (remastered take)          
18 The Girl Of My Best Friend (alternate take)          
19 For Ol'Times Sake (Cleaned alternate take)          
20 I Got A Think About You Baby (alternate master)          
21 Angel (solo take)          
22 Big Boots (solo take)          
23 Britches (solo take)          
24 Thanks To The Rolling Sea (solo take)          
25 You're A Heartbreaker (acetate)