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A New Decade, A New Sound

A New Decade, A New Sound - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD A New Decade, A New Sound - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD A New Decade, A New Sound - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD - Elvis Presley Bootleg CDA New Decade, A New Sound - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

  Title: A New Decade, A New Sound 
  Label: Straight Arrow 
  Label Number: SA/SP 2014-25A/B-02 
  Release Date: 2014 
  Recording Type: Live Audience Recording 
  Location: Las Vegas, international Hotel 
  Date: CD 1: February 3 - 1970, Dinner Show
CD 2: February 5 - 1970, Dinner Show
  Sound: Very Good ! 
  Track Listing:  
  CD 1: February 3, 1970, DS        
01 Excerpt of Sammy Shore speech   00:15
02 Introduction: Orchestra Instrumental   00:36
03 Opening Vamp   00:33
04 All Shook Up   01:36
05 I Got A Woman   03:25
06 Proud Mary   03:28
07 Don't Cry Daddy   03:27
08 Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel   02:54
09 Long Tall Sally   02:19
10 Let It Be Me   03:33
11 I Can't Stop Loving You   02:43
12 Walk A Mile In My Shoes / In The Ghetto   06:28
13 Kentucky Rain   03:39
14 Sweet Caroline   02:48
15 Polk Salad Annie   05:59
16 Introductions of singers, musicians, orchestra   03:32
17 Suspicious Minds   08:22
18 Can't Help Falling In Love.   02:06
  CD 2: February 5, 1970, DS        
01 Rick Rennie comments recorded prior the show   01:51
02 Introduction: Orchestra Instrumental   01:20
03 Opening Vamp   00:38
04 All Shook Up   01:37
05 I Got A Woman   02:54
06 Proud Mary   02:56
07 Don't Cry Daddy   03:19
08 Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel   03:01
09 C. C. Rider   02:45
10 Love Me   02:35
11 Let It Be Me   04:04
12 I Can't Stop Loving You   02:46
13 Love Me Tender   02:23
14 Chat with audience   01:56
15 In The Ghetto   02:55
16 Sweet Caroline   02:46
17 Polk Salad Annie   05:46
18 Introductions of singers, musicians, orchestra   02:03
19 Suspicious Minds   06:11
20 Can't Help Falling In Love / Announcement   02:07
 Concert:  Press note:

Coming out soon is the new Straight Arrow's double-digipak CD release 'A New Decade, A New Sound', featuring the February 3rd and 5th, 1970 Dinner shows. Looking back at Elvis' final decade of live shows, there are two Las Vegas engagements that stand out: the August '69 one obviously, but certainly also the one in February '70. Whereas the '69 comeback shows were a natural extension of the NBC '68 special with a strong focus on his classic hits, the second engagement From the way he performed these songs, you could tell that he really loved them and genuinely enjoyed the new direction his career was now taking.

Most of the oldies were gone from the setlist. It was a very bold move, especially for an artist whose career in the sixties had been marked by boredom and predictability. Released from the chains of the past, Elvis looked and sounded like a man in full control of his career, and he clearly relished the artistic freedom that was now his.

The fact that the music sounded better than before was due in no small part thanks to the two newcomers to the core band; Glen D. Hardin on piano and Bob Lanning on drums. Hailing from Lubbock, Texas, Hardin grew up with Elvis' music, seemed to know all the songs, and was able to contribute with a lot of ideas. Just as importantly, he wrote fresh arrangements for several of the new songs in the show. Elvis loved these arrangements, and Hardin quickly became a highly valued member of the band. Lanning was and is a true no-nonsense rock and roll drummer, who cites Earl Palmer as a main influence. No surprise therefore that he refused to be speeded up by Elvis (or by anyone else, for that matter), and instead focused on laying down a solid groove. In retrospect, this goes a long way in explaining why the February 1970 recordings are musically more solid than other live recordings from the 70s. With that in mind, we would like to dedicate this special collectors' release to messrs. Hardin and Lanning.

A New Decade, A New Sound (2 CD Set) from 'Rick Rennie master tapes' Vol. 1

The February 3rd, 1970 D/S was previously released by the Memory Records label ('Have Some Fun Tonight', 2002). The February 5th, 1970 D/S was released twice from an inferior source and finally by Memory Records ('International Earthquake', 2002). Those Memory Records releases were engineered and mastered using obsolete hardware and software and for some mysterious reason, both shows were even slightly edited.

12 years have passed, and now its time for the ultimate re-release of these special recordings - in a new, crisp, dynamic sound, and with no edits. Straight Arrow's release of February 3rd and 5th, 1970 Dinner Shows is taken directly from the original tape transfers made in 2001. Every second was digitally restored from scratch to achieve optimal listening pleasure. Ask your local dealer for samples.

As every Straight Arrow's re-release, this beautifully designed double-digipack edition is limited to 500 copies.

  Sound Sample:  Don't Cry Daddy (February 3, 1970 - DS)

Love Me (February 5, 1970, DS)
  Concert:   See comments for the February 3 concert on  "Have Some Fun Tonight",  for the February 5 concert on "C. C. Rider".