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April Fool's Dinner

April Fool's Dinner - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD April Fool's Dinner - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD April Fool's Dinner - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

 Title: April Fool's Dinner 
 Label: Southern Comfort / Audionics 
 Label Number: CDSEVEN 75-2 
 Release Date: 2009 
 Recording Type:Live Audience Recording 
 Location: Las Vegas, Hilton Hotel 
 Date: April 1st, 1975, Dinner Show 
 Sound:Excellent ! 
 Track Listing: 
01 Opening Vamp / C. C. Rider   02:57
02 I Got A Woman / Amen   04:57
03 Love Me   02:13
04 If You Love Me (Let Me Know)   02:51
05 And I Love You so   03:24
06 Big Boss Man   02:39
07 The Wonder Of You   01:47
08 Burning Love   03:21
09 Band Introductions   01:07
10 What'd I Say   00:43
11 Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt)   01:01
12 Bass Solo (Duke Bardwell)   00:38
13 Piano Solo (Glenn D. Hardin)   00:35
14 Electric Piano Solo (David Briggs) School Days   01:39
15 School Days   00:51
16 Celebrity Introductions: Roy Clark, Conrad Hilton / Great Pretender (excerpt)   01:10
17 My Boy   03:58
18 I'll Remember You   02:28
19 Let Me Be There   02:44
20 Celebrity Introductions: actor Hugh O'Brian   00:32
21 How Great Thour Art   02:59
22 Hound Dog   01:40
23 Fairytale   03:18
24 Can't Help Falling In Love   01:38
25 Closing Vamp   00:28
26 Big Boss Man   02:38
27 It's Midnight   03:26
28 You Don't Have To Say You Love Me   01:58
29 An American Trilogy   03:55
30 Help Me Make It Through The Night / Mickey Mouse March   03:32
31 Steamroller Blues   02:45
Notes:  Tracks 26 - 31 recorded April 1st, Midnight Show.

Press note:
The upcoming CD-release by the Southern Comfort / Audionics "team-up" is entitled "APRIL FOOL'S DINNER", and it contains the excellent April 1st, 1975 dinner show. Import collectors first heard this recording via the 1980 vinyl release "Rockin' with Elvis April Fool's Day." This was later dubbed directly from vinyl for its 1992 CD debut, complete with pops and clicks. This new release marks the first time since the original LP that the original audience master tape has been used - and naturally it has received a significant upgrade using topnotch industry equipment. This stellar show is also now complete: "Can't Help Falling In Love" and "Closing Vamp" from this show were actually on the original tape. These were restored to the best of our abilities, and are now included, warts and all. On the original LP and CD, these songs were borrowed from RCA's 1974 "Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis" album. The April Fool’s Day performance shows Elvis at his best – a far cry from the problematic October ’74 shows – he’s in excellent voice, and he performs a solid mix of classic songs and recent additions. Elvis is both entertaining and witty, and actually sounds like a seasoned Vegas pro. April 1st also marked the final day for bass player Duke Bardwell, who in all did 181 shows with Elvis, despite the fact that their relationship often was a bit strained. Duke had experienced some great highs and some terrible lows with Elvis, but at this stage he was fed up with it all and relieved that it would soon be over.

The first two Midnight Show bonus tracks are from a booth tape and the other 4 tracks (first heard on "Rocking With the King April's Fool Day" Vol. 2.) are from a decent quality audience tape. The prior release of the closing show was de-noised in a rather destructive way, and has been restored to optimal quality for the Elvis connoisseur.

All accompanying photographs were taken in March - May 1975 at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel and on the subsequent concert tour. The CD will be presented in a beautiful 3-panel digipack and is scheduled for late February '09.


  Sound Sample:  Burning Love  
  Concert:  A great show from one of the best Vegas stands ever ! Just lean back and enjoy an hour of Elvis Presley entertainment at its best ! The sound throughout is fantastic and you get the feeling of a live atmosphere cause you are invited to hear the audience when it cheers or screams. Excellent ! (Ciscoking)