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C'mon Everybody

C'mon Everybody - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD  C'mon Everybody - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD 
3 panel digipak

 Title: C'mon Everybody 
 Label: ? 
 Label Number: CD 2518 
 Release Date:1998 
 Recording Type: Studio 
 Location: various 
 Date: various 
 Sound: Studio 
 Track Listing: 
01 Címon Everybody   02:21  
02 Angel   02:42  
03 Easy Come, Easy Go   02:17  
04 A Whistling Tune   02:46  
05 Follow That Dream   01:41  
06 King Of The Whole Wide World   02:12  
07 Iíll Take Love   02:17  
08 Today, Tomorrow And Forever   03:28  
09 Iím Not The Marrying Kind   01:54  
10 This Is Living   01:48  
11 Santa Lucia   01:15  
12 If You think I Don't Need You (take 2)   02:11  
13 The Lady Loves Me (take 2)   04:02  
14 A Whistling Tune (take 3, July 61 version)   02:24  
15 King Of The Whole Wide World (take 25)   02:50  
 Notes:   Something for the sentimental "must-have-all" collector.
This CD is a re-release of the budget Camden vinyl LP from 1971. The "bonus" tracks 11-15 weren't included on the vinyl release.
The before "unreleased" tracks "If You Think I Don't Need You (take 2)" and "The Lady Loves Me (take 2, duett with Ann-Margret)" are taken from the Sony / FTD vinyl LP "Viva Las Vegas".

C'mon Everybody

From the press note:

Released by RCA/CAMDEN in 1971, 'C'MON EVERYBODY' is the only 'classic' Camden LP that was never released by Sony on CD.
While Sony released an bunch of Camden LPs on silver disc in 2006 - 2008, they seem to 'forgot' 'C'mon Everybody'.
But finally you can make your Camden collection complete.
Released in a stunning full color glossy 3 panel digipack, this silver pressed 'C'mon Everybody' CD release contains not only the original tracklist ( all taken from the latest brilliant Vic Anesini masters ) but also 5 great bonus tracks INCLUDING 2 UNRELEASED TAKES that are unavailable elsewhere on shinny silver disc.

C'mon Everybody - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD