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Easy Come, Easy Go

Easy Come , Easy Go - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD Easy Come , Easy Go - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD Easy Come , Easy Go - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

 Title: Easy Come, Easy Go 
 Label: unknown 
 Label Number: non listed 
 Release Date: 2012 
 Recording Type:Studio 
 Sound: Studio 
 Track Listing: 
01 C'mon Everybody   02:21
02 A Whistling Tune   02:46
03 I'll Be There   02:29
04 I Love Only One Girl   01:57
05 Easy Come, Easy Go   02:17
06 Santa Lucia   01:16
07 Tonight Is So Right For Love   02:16
08 Guadalajara   02:47
09 Angel   02:42
10 A Little Less Conversation   02:18
11 Follow That Dream   01:41
12 Long Legged Girl   01:31
13 It Won't Be Long (take 5)   01:51
14 Night Life (take 3 wiht count in)   02:07
15 King Of The Whole Wide World (take 31)   02:58
16 I'll Take Love (alternate master)   02:17
17 Mexico (take 7)   02:00
18 Wonderful World (take 7)   02:19
19 Viva Las Vegas (takes 1, 2)   04:27
20 Without Love (take 5, undubbed master)   03:06
Notes:  Reprint of the low budget LP "Easy Come, Easy Go" from 1975. Tracks 13-20 weren't on the original release. CD is presented in a 3-panel digipak.

Liner notes:
In some fifteen years Elvis Presley has completed over thirty Hollywood films and as his millions of fans know, his movie debut in 1956 in "Love Me Tender" provided that the Presley legend which had begun on record could also make an impact on the silver screen.

Not that anyone should have been surprised at Presley's immediate relationship with the camera. His presence, personality and the sheer impact of Colonel Tom Parker's management were the perfect ingredients for Hollywood and they were duly snatched up by producers at all of the major studios.

The Presley films, apart from providing Elvis with an incredibly wide range of roles, have given his fans plenty of musical memories, many of which appear on this album. The title track comes, of course, from the Paramount film of 1967, only one of the two films Presley made during that year, quite a change from the previous busy year when he completed no less than four major films.

Records, films, concert and the very rare television appearances keep the Presley legend alive and thriving nearly twenty years after "Heartbreak Hotel" gave him his first million seller. It's a legend that nobody can question and when you listen to the variety of songs on "Easy Come, Easy Go" they go a long way to explaining why the Presley presence is one of the most powerful in the whole of show business.