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Elvis In Germany

Elvis In Germany Elvis In Germany Elvis In Germany

  Title: Elvis In Germany 
  Label: ? 
  Label Number: no number 
  Release Date: 2012 
  Recording Type: Various  
  Location: Various  
  Date: Various  
  Sound: Various 
  Track Listing:  
01 Wooden Heart (Muß i denn)    02:07
02 I Love Only One Girl    01:57
03 C'mon Erverybody    02:21
04 Frankfort Special    02:58
05 Tonight's All Right For Love    02:14
06 Today, Tomorrow And Forever    03:28
07 G.I. Blues    02:40
08 Tonight Is So Right For Love    02:16
09 Five Sleepy Heads    01:33
10 Fool    02:46
11 I Love Only One Girl (take 1) *    01:59
12 G.I. Blues (take 7) *    02:48
13 Tonight Is So Right For Love (take 4) *    02:24
14 C'Mon Everybody (take 3) *    02:49
15 Fool (take 1)*    03:58
16Elvis arrival in Germany *    00:32
17Apron Strings (home recording) *    01:05
18I'll Take You Home Agsain Kathleen (home recording) *    02:42
19Elvis Sails: Press Interview With Elvis     05:29
20Elvis Sails: Newsreel Interview    02:25
21Elvis Sails: Pat Hernon Interview    02:15

Reprint of the German vinyl release NL 89244, 1981. The marked tracks weren't on the original release.

Released before officially on CD in the German Club Edition series: Elvis In Germany

From the press notes:
Elvis In Germany was originally released in RCA's 'take off' LP series in 1982 as was a German only release featuring 13 tracks of music and interviews with a unique painting style picture sleeve. All tracks on the album have a connection with 'G.I. Elvis'. This is the only CD that contains the complete extended master take of Tonight's All Right For Love as released on the German RCA vinyl single and the RCA Germany G.I. Blues vinyl LP 1st pressing!
This version can not be found on any other known RCA / BMG / Sony CD worldwide!
The CD also contains the complete 'Elvis Sails ' EP. The CD is housed in a stunning 3 - panel Deluxe foldout full colour digipack with topnotch design, relevant photos, extensive liner notes, the latest updated sound on all recordings, it contains the full original album plus some great bonustracks.