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Exceeding All Expectations

Exceeding All Exceptions - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD Exceeding All Exceptions - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD Exceeding All Exceptions - Elvis Presley Bootleg CDExceeding All Exceptions - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

 Title: Exceeding All Expectations 
 Label: Rainbow Records 
 Label Number: RR 19760509-2 
 Release Date: 2009 
 Recording Type: Live Audience Recording 
 Location: Lake Tahoe 
 Date: May 9, 1976, 10 PM 
 Sound: Very Good ! 
 Track Listing: 
01 Also Sprach Zarathustra   00:49
02 See See Rider   04:31
03 I Got A Woman / Amen   11:59
04 Love Me   02:56
05 When The Saints Go Marching In   00:15
06 If You Love Me   02:56
07 You Gave Me A Mountain   03:47
08 All Shook Up   01:01
09 Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel   02:15
10 Blue Suede Shoes   01:12
11 Return To Sender   02:26
12 Heartbreak Hotel   01:55
13 Story about the boat scene   02:17
14 The Hawaiian Wedding Song   02:22
15 America, The Beautiful   02:33
16 Polk Salad Annie   04:27
01 Band Introductions   04:37
02 Early Morning Rain   01:16
03 What'd I Say   00:55
04 Johnny B. Goode   00:59
05 Drum Solo   01:05
06 Bass Solo   01:39
07 Piano Solo   01:18
08 Electric Piano Solo   01:07
09 Love Letters   04:01
10 School Days   01:07
11 Wooden Heart (one line)   00:09
12 Young And Beautiful   01:08
13 That's All Right   02:22
14 Blue Christmas   02:13
15 Hurt #1   02:05
16 Hurt #2   02:06
17 Hound Dog   01:21
18 Mickey Mouse Club March   00:29
19 Happy Birthday To You All   02:53
20 My Heavenly Father (by Kathy Westmoreland)   03:44
21 Guadalajara (excerpt)   00:23
22 Love Me Tender   04:23
23 Danny Boy (by Sherril Nielsen)   02:31
24 Funny How Time Slips Away (by Sherril Nielsen)   03:09
25 Charity Announcement   00:15
26 Burning Love   03:46
27 Help Me   02:52
28 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face   02:55
29 Jailhouse Rock   01:31
30 One Night   01:44
31 How Great Thou Art   06:52
32 Can't Help Falling In Love   01:42
33 Closing Vamp   01:04
34 Lady Madonna (by David Briggs)   01:43
Notes:  Press note:
With their newest release they fulfill several requests from fans who wrote down their thoughts in many well-known messageboards all over Europe. This 2 CD set contains the complete performance of Elvis´ last show he ever did within his legendary Sahara Tahoe – Engagements – it is the Closing Show of May 9, 1976.

Way back in 1993 the “MAC” label released this show using a stunning long-box format. Because this set sold out within a few months - being a real collectors item since then - we decided to give the very interesting content of the show another chance to be listened by as many fans as possible. And to make one thing clear: this show is a real must to listen to. Hear Elvis in a very relaxed mood, not caring at all that the hotel´s management is (still) desperately wanting to force him to do much shorter performances. In fact Elvis gives the crowd more than they probably expected, being on stage for the longest performance he ever did (a stunning two-hours set), singing, laughing and talking as if he would be together with a couple of friends right at his living room at Graceland!

While the first release of this show sixteen years ago suffered from being incomplete (on both editions) we have been able to find new – and different – sources of recordings. These tapes have a listenable, decent sound quality for a fine release. We mixed the tapes using the best of more than one source. Also the new Rainbow Records release will run at the original speed which is different to the MAC release from ´93. The result is – so far - the most definite release of Elvis´ final Lake Tahoe concert.

A few words regarding the content:
Of course, you will find the tracklist at the end of this announcement, but we want to point out some real beauties of this set. A rare and unrehearsed version of “Return To Sender” must be mentioned as well as another rarity: “Young And Beautiful”. “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”, dedicated to Linda Thompson and sung with passion. Elvis tells a very funny story about the “Boat Scene” in the movie “Blue Hawaii” and even sings a few lines of his “Sun” classic “Blue Moon of Kentucky”. So all in all there is a lot to discover while listening to Elvis´ not only longest, but also very unusual show! As a bonus we have included David Briggs´ instrumental version of the song “Lady Madonna” which at the time was not only used for the band introductions but also appeared as one of the leading tracks on his solo album titled “Keyboard Sculpture”.

Don’t miss this release. You are getting another classy 2 CD set from Rainbow Records. By the way: Needless to say that its booklet features great liner notes on 20 pages in full color!
  Sound Sample: Young and Beautiful
  Concert: See comments for  "And Then The Lights Went Down".