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Forever Volume 5

 Elvis Forever Vol. 5 - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD Elvis Forever Vol. 5 - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD Elvis Forever Vol. 5 - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD Elvis Forever Vol. 5 - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

Elvis Forever CD box

 Title: Elvis Forever Vol. 5 
 Label Number: AJB3 - 9034  
 Release Date:2012  
 Recording Type:Studio  
 Sound: Studio ! 
 Track Listing: 
01 Iím Left, Youíre Right, Sheís Gone   02:40  
02 Mystery Train   02:31  
03 I Was The One   02:34  
04 Love Me   02:47  
05 Rip It Up   01:55  
06 Thatís When Your Heartaches Begin   03:26  
07 Party   01:32  
08 Flaming Star   02:31  
09 I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell   01:39  
10 Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello   02:00  
11 Never Ending   02:03  
12 Puppet On A String   02:43  
13 Iíll Remember You   02:47  
14 Let Yourself Go   03:02  
15 Big Boss Man   02:55  
16 Too Much Monkey Business   02:33  
17 Stay Away   02:26  
18 Edge Of Reality   03:20  
19 My Little Friend   02:54  
20 Kentucky Rain   03:17  
01 Letís Be Friends   02:46
02 The Sound Of Your Cry   03:18
03 (Thatís What You Get) For Loviní Me   02:10
04 A Thing Called Love   02:28
05 Seperate Ways   02:39
06 Itís A Matter Of Time   03:06
07 Raised On Rock   02:43
08 Spanish Eyes   02:26
09 T-R-O-U-B-L-E   03:06
10 Way Down   02:41
11 Pledging My Love   02:54
12 Heíll Have To Go   04:35
13 Fame And Fortune (take 9)   02:56
14 What Now, What NextÖ (master incl. studio count-in)   02:09
15 Something Blue (take 6)   03:02
16 Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (take 6)   02:35
17 Five Sleepy Heads (master incl. studio count-in)   01:43
18 It Hurts Me (1968 NBC Special)   02:34
19 Any day Now (take 1 )   02:17
20 Sweet Angeline (vocal overdub)   03:15
21 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (remix)   03:47
22 Always On My Mind (overdubbed version)       03:31
Note:  Reprint of the German RCA 2 LP set from 1987, NL89954(2)

Tracks 13-22 from disc 2 were not on the original vinyl release.

Poduced from lossy audio source (MPEG).

Concert:  Press note:
Released in 1974 the double album 'ELVIS FOREVER' (volume 1) is probably the best-selling Elvis compilation album of all-time (at least in Europe) .
In Germany 1.000.000 copies were sold within a year of its release, in Finland it became the biggest selling 'greatest hits' album ever, in Belgium it sold more than 270.000 copies and in Holland it was one of the very few Elvis albums that went straight to number 1 on the charts ( in 1974 ). By the end of the 1970's the original FOREVER album had sold more copies than UK's '40 GREATEST', without even being released in the UK or US (more than 5 million copies).
After the huge success of FOREVER volume 1, RCA decided in the 1980's to release 4 more volumes in the FOREVER series. Although they sold well, they never became the huge success of the first volume.
'Elvis Forever Vol.1' was released on CD by RCA as a double cd album and as a single cd album (with 30 tracks instead of the original 32).
Volume 2 was also released, in 2 different versions, but both editions contained only 31 tracks and not 32 . The CD version of Elvis Forever Vol.2 with the original album cover (released in Holland ) is almost unfindable these days, and the CD version promoting the 'Elvis Eau De Toilette' (only released in Germany with a totally different cover) is also a rarity.

All the other volumes in the FOREVER series are unreleased on CD - Until now!
We are very proud to announce the complete collection of original ELVIS FOREVER albums on fabric silver pressed cds. 
Housed in 3 panel digipacks with original album artwork, each FOREVER volume contains 2 discs with the 32 original album tracks plus a bonus disc with rare and hard to find recordings (some tracks are even unreleased on official CD releases). With a total of 50 rare bonus tracks, this collection of 5 double-albums has a total of 210 tracks! A massive and ultimate Elvis collection!!
When you buy Elvis Forever Vol. 3 & 4 , you'll receive a free cardboard storage box, so when you have collected the complete series you can storage them all in one beautiful box! 

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