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From The Vaults Of RCA

 Title: From The Vaults Of RCA 
 Label: Snowball Entertainment  
 Label Number: EP-1  
 Release Date: 2005 
 Recording Type:Studio  
 Location: various 
 Sound: Excellent ! 
 Track Listing: 
01I Want You, I Need You, I love You (take 5) 
02I Beg Of You (take 5) 
03Blueberry Hill (take 3) 
04Have I Told You Lately ? (take 9) 
05Mistarted Track 
06Loving You (KX take 18) 
07Steadfast, Loyal and True (take 14) 
08I Need Your Love Tonight (take 4) 
09A Big Hunk o Love (take 5) 
10A Fool Such As I (take 5) 
11I Got Stung (take 8) 
12Summer Kisses, Winter Tears (take 23) 
13Wild In The Country (take 13) 
14Puppet On A String (take 3) 
15Girl Happy (take unknown) 
16Do Not Disturb (take 27) 
17So Close Yet So Far (take 5) 
18Wisdom Of The Ages (take 9) 
19Animal Instinct (take 12) 
21I Can't Stop Loving You (take 17) 
22Drums Of The Island (take 5) 
23Im Left, Youre Right, Shes Gone (alternate version) 
24Sand Castles (KO take 8)
25How Do You Think I Feel (Sun rehearsal)
Notes:  A very sad release. All tracks stolen from the Memory Records CD "From The Vaults Vol. 3". Takenumbers are partly wrong listed.