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Good Times Never Seemed So Good

Good Times Never Seemed So Good - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD Good Times Never Seemed So Good - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD Good Times Never Seemed So Good - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

 Title: Good Times Never Seemed So Good 
 Label:Captain Marvel 
 Label Number: 2001-7 
 Release Date:1996 
 Recording Type:Live Recordings 
 Location: Las Vegas 
 Date: 1969 / 1970 
 Sound: Multitrack ! 
  Track Listing:  
01 Elvis about The Elvis Presley Show (February 27, 1970 - Houston)   02:25
02 See See Rider (February 18, 1970 MS)   02:29
03 I Got A Woman (August 26, 1969 DS)   02:18
04 Don't Cry Daddy (February 17, 1970 MS)   02:33
05 Walk A Mile In My Shoes  (February 18, 1970 MS)   02:52
06 Please Release Me  (February 18, 1970 MS)   02:57
07 Kentucky Rain  (February 17, 1970 MS)   03:06
08 Polk Salad Annie (February 18, 1970 MS, undubbed)   04:40
09 Sweet Caroline (February 16, 1970 DS, undubbed)   02:32
10 Proud Mary (February 16, 1970 DS, undubbed)   02:23
11 Let It Be Me (February 17, 1970 DS, different mix)   03:21
12 Walk A Mile In My Shoes (February 19, 1970 MS)   02:52
13 Yesterday (August 25, 1969 DS)   02:29
14 The Wonder Of You (February 18, 1970 DS)   02:29
15 Runaway (August 25, 1969 DS, undubbed)   02:20
16 Polk Salad Annie (February 16, 1970 MS)   04:32
17 Let It Be Me (February 17, 1970 MS, undubbed)   03:23
18 Don't Cry Daddy (July 24, 1970 , rehearsal - Hollywood)   02:30
19 I Just Can't Help Believing (July 24, 1970, rehearsal - Hollywood)   03:28
20 You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' ((July 24, 1970, rehearsal - Hollywood)   03:33
 Notes:  This album is important because it contains the original songs from the 1970 RCA album "On Stage", with the difference that they haven't been "doctored". No added instrumentation, no chopped dialogue - it is all here! The remaining material on the disc (tracks 2 - 17) were considered for the album but not used!

Liner notes:
The success of the live album 'Elvis In Person,' done in August 1969, encouraged the Colonel and RCA to do another one during Elvis' Las Vegas engagement in January/February 1970. 'Good Times Never Seemed So Good' consists of 17 recordings considered for this project, including three selections that didn't make it onto the 1969 'Elvis In Person ' LP. Out of the 17 recordings presented here, just 10 (tracks 2, 6, 8-10 and 12-15) made it onto the 'On Stage' album, but only after some backup vocalists overdubs. Listen how these undubbed recordings sound different. For instance, listen to The Sweet Inspirations singing off-mike in 'Proud Mary,' and off-key in 'The Wonder of You' - obviously, there was something not quite right with the amplification on stage and the Sweets could not hear themselves properly, otherwise there would have been no overdubs needed. The remainder of the tracks presented here (3-5, 7, and 11) never made it onto the 'On Stage' album, and they, too, are presented as they were recorded.
As a bonus, 'Good Times Never Seemed So Good' contains recordings of a rehearsal done on July 24, 1970, at the RCA studios in Hollywood. From July 1969 up to August 1974, Elvis frequently used this studio for rehearsals. Recordings definitely were made of various rehearsals, and whilst the better part of those tapes seem tohave mysteriously disappeared, a few have been located in recent years. The August 1974 rehearsals that were unearthed a few years ago, are but one example. The selections from the July 24, 1970 rehearsal presented here, are yet another, and an indication of more to come.