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Greatest Hits Volume One

 Title: Greatest Hits Volume One 
 Label: ? 
 Label Number: AFL-2347 
 Release Date: 2006 ? 
 Recording Type: various 
 Location: varius 
 Date: various 
 Sound: various ! 
 Track Listing:  The Wonder Of You - Burning Love - There Goes My Everything - A Big Hunk O' Love - Suspicious Minds - In The Ghetto - Steamroller Blues - The Sound Of Your Cry - Surrender - You'll Never Walk Alone
There has been a lot of speculation regarding the CD edition of Elvis Greatest Hits Volume One on the web for some time. Some have reported that it's a CD-R and some says that it doesn't exist.  By ourselves we thought for a long time, that this CD is the "lost CD". The propagated story about this release was very good... but, in fact, the CD is an unuofficial release.... it's only a great swindel!
The story has it that the CD edition of the 1977 version of Elvis Greatest Hits Volume One was produced by RCA for a mail order company in the US back in 1986, but the company went broke before the CD's were delivered. Because of that has the whole production been in a storehouse since !
The layout of the cover is the same as the original planned artwork from 1977. The record with that cover was never released.
In 1981, RCA released the album with another cover and a small change in the tracklist !