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Greetings From Germany - Original Pressing

Greetings From Germany Greetings From Germany Greetings From Germany

 Title: Greetings From Germany 
 Label Number: CD-1058 
 Release Date:1998 
 Recording Type:Home Recordings 
 Location:Bad Nauheim 
 Date:1958 - 1959 
 Sound: home recording 
 Track Listing:  
01 At The Hop (Piano Solo)   00:29
02 I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (slow version)   02:19
03 Apron Strings   01:34
04 It's Been So Long Darling   02:16
05 Earth Angel (intro) / I Will Be True   03:38
06 There's No Tomorrow   02:37
07 I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen   02:56
08 Que Sera / Hound Dog   00:36
09 I Asked The Lord   03:21
10 I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (fast version)   01:39
11 Apron Strings   01:18
12 Number Eight   02:44
13 At The Hop   00:49
14 Que Sera / Hound Dog   01:13
15 Piano Solo   00:29
16 Send Me Some Lovin'   02:16
17 Soldier Boy   01:47
18 Earth Angel   02:37
19 Danny Boy   03:32
20 The Fool   05:08
21 I'm Beginning To Forget You   02:57
22 I Asked The Lord   02:39
23 Mona Lisa   02:28
24 I'm Beginning To Forget You   00:56
25 I Can't Help It   01:55
26 production notes / sound quality comparison   01:01
  Notes:  Issued in a gorgeous cardboard gatefold - superb picture selection , detailed liner notes, professional looking inlay work on the disc - top quality job !

The material defies rarity - this is a pretty much complete "relaxation" by a young soldier Elvis killing time in Germany. This is most likely part of the material "magically" located in Vernons office in a box of home recordings.

Note that some songs were recorded in a later home recording session and formally released by BMG ("I'm Beginning To Forget You" , "Mona Lisa"). Apparently Elvis really liked these songs.

"Take Me Home Again Kathleen" was one of Elvis' favorite songs to play on piano.

"Apron Strings" is rumoured to have been performed live at the Louisiana Hayride , unfortunately no tapes have surfaced yet to bear this rumor out.

Track 26 is an astonishing track that graphically illustrates the poor sound quality of the original tape , and the amazing job that the bootleggers performed in restoring the tape.

The original tape was recorded on a personal tape recorder set up in the living room of Elvis' home in Bad Nauheim. Elvis used this device to fool around with new ideas for recording sessions to come later when he returned stateside in 1960 !

Greetings From Germany - Second Pressing

 Title: Greetings From Germany 
 Label Number: TCB 5859 
 Release Date:2001 
 Recording Type:Home Recordings 
 Location:Bad Nauheim 
 Date:1958 - 1959 
 Sound: home recording 
 Difference: The first pressing was presented in a long digipack , with great coverart this one is housed in a normal jewel case and is released 3 years later by the TCB label. Contents are the same !

Different release.  Made by annother producer. Vik isn't a specific label. It is used by serval bootleggers.