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Heavy Times

Heavy Times - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD Heavy Times - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD Heavy Times - Elvis Presley Bootleg CD

 Title: Heavy Times 
 Label: MxF 
 Label Number: none listed 
 Release Date: 2007 
 Recording Type:Live Soundboard Recording 
 Location: Las Vegas, International Hotel 
 Date: January 28  - 1971 , M.S & January 29  - 1971 , D.S 
 Sound:Soundboard ! 
 Track Listing: 
01 Also Sprach Zarathustra   01:32
02 That's All Right   01:41
03 I Got A Woman   02:22
04 Love Me Tender   03:31
05 You Don't Have To Say You Love Me   02:02
06 Sweet Caroline   02:35
07 You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling   03:04
08 Polk Salad Annie   03:45
09 Johnny B. Goode   02:03
10 Something   04:41
11 The Wonder Of You   01:29
12 Heartbreak Hotel   01:32
13 Blue Suede Shoes   01:33
14 Hound Dog   01:14
15 One Night   01:32
16 Teddy Bear   01:16
17 Suspicious Minds   05:30
18 The Impossible Dream   02:35
19 That's All Right   01:34
20 I Got A Woman   02:14
21 Love Me Tender   03:23
22 You Don't Have To Say You Love Me   02:32
23 Sweet Caroline   02:21
24 You've Lost That Lovin Feeling   03:01
25 Polk Salad Annie   02:42
26 Johnny B. Goode   01:43
27 Something   03:22
28 Heartbreak Hotel   01:56
29 Blue Suede Shoes   01:14
30 Teddy Bear   01:15
31 Hound Dog   02:15
32 Snowbird   03:06
33 The Impossible Dream   02:47

Notes:  Tracks 1- 18 are from the Midnight Show on January 28, 1971
Tracks 19 - 33 are from the Dinner Show on January 29, 1971

This is just a copy and paste job of previously released material. The shows have been shortened to make them fit for one disc. No efforts were made to improve the sound.

Press note:
To be released shortly on the MxF label will be their second release entitled "Heavy Times!" featuring the Vegas performances on January 28th 1971, midnight show and January 29th 1971, dinner show.
The January 28, 1971 MS was previously released on "Lean, Mean And Kickin' Butt"while the January 29, 1971 DS previously saw the light on the import release entitled "Snowbird".

For the first time, both the performances remastered from the original sources will become available on a sole CD. Although these two concerts were released on two separate imports some years ago here we have the opportunity to listen to both shows in better, improved sound. Using the original source tape we were able to keep Elvis' vocal power central to the mix whilst at the same time giving a new definition to the supporting musicians and singers.

Elvis' performance on both nights is superb as he is still performing to the best of his ability. Although he delivers two short shows they are delivered in a very intense, crisp and fresh manner that cannot be denied. Elvis was on stage to have fun and demonstrated this during the older, classic numbers, but songs such as 'Polk Salad Annie', 'You've Lost That Loving Feeling' and 'Sweet Caroline' never sounded better. The season will be remembered for the introduction of the new opening composition 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' which although written by Richard Strauss in 1894 was more closely associated with the Stanley Kubrick film '2001 A Space Odyssey', a recent cinema release. As we now know this thunderous opening would be used until the final concert Elvis performed. The season will also be remembered for the beautiful new closing number 'The Impossible Dream' which Elvis sang with power and feeling giving us proof that Elvis continued to grow as a performer.

Packaged with a 16 page professionally edited booklet this picture disc CD will be accompanied by relevant liner notes and with over 27 photographs of the Elvis NOW suit from this season. These are not new shows, but the package and the 79:40 minutes of superb music definitely gives us something different, a different kind of product! The definitive product in reference to Elvis from January 1971, Don't Miss It!
 Sound Samples:   Suspicious Minds (CD 1: January 28,1971 - MS)

Snowbird (CD 2: January 29, 1971 - DS)
 Concert:   Both shows were already released on the bootlegs "Lean, Mean And Kicking Butt" and "Snowbird".
See comments for these shows.